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Singles - Electro - Issue 597

Vivian Koch

Insomiami EP


A resident of Berlin’s Griessmuehle, Vivian Koch is already acclaimed as a DJ, but this EP (after a debut on a.r.tless) affirms her as one of the most exciting new producers in electro. ‘Insomiami’ bristles with prime ’80s horror flick tension, mixing analogue synth menace with slamming drums and subtle cowbell clanks, before being raised skyward by a mystic melodic sequence. A2, meanwhile, the reflective, mellow ‘Pu’, has an almost-Balearic sense of tranquility and poise, before its epic bass looms into earshot. Incredible stuff.


'Fusio (with Solid Blake Remix)'


Just two months ago, Hungarian wonder Norwell was wowing us in these very pages after a release on Lobster Theremin. Here he is again on Berlin label Mechatronica, dialling back the cosmic synths and hitting the floor. ‘Irregular Pulses’ is especially strong, with melodies worthy of some forgotten synthpop jewel. Solid Blake’s remix of ‘Secret Transmission’ brings brutal distorted kicks, distorted voices and… not much else. It doesn’t need to, as it bangs like a barn door.

Transparent Sound

'Gently Evil'

Transparent Sound

Orson Bramley’s (now solo) project will be familiar to any electro connoisseur, and this collection of tracks confirms his status as a master of the genre. The previously released ‘No Call From New York’, a favourite of Helena Hauff and B.Traits, brings forth towering trance-like patterns over raw beats; ‘Beneath The Beauty’ is an abstract acid driven delight; and ‘Lying Tongues’ is real dark-side business. Bangers inside.

Client 03

'Hope Repeater'


Here’s a blast from left-field. Though known for its diverse sounds, Fracture’s Astrophonica label tends to be associated with drum & bass and its various offshoots, so this EP of frenetic electro was most unexpected. The title track is all speedy, effect-doused acid, with funked up, chattering beats; ‘Interest Reset’ might be even better, slowing the tempo and minimising the arrangement to a xenomorphic funk bass and crisp kicks ‘n’ snares. In fact, the whole EP is fire. As to Client 03’s identity, we’re not sure, but we have an inkling of who it might be…


'Machine Life'

2020 Vision

Not sure why, but this month seems more bountiful than ever when it comes to electro treasures. Established artists and newbies both are bringing some truly great material. Versalife (Boris Bunnick) lands on 2020 Vision with the remarkable ‘Machine Life’, all menacing, spine-tingling arpeggios and beats that sound like they’re emanating from a cliff top cave. It’s worth getting for that alone, but then ‘MO5’ tugs on the heartstrings with its emotive bass and chords, and the deal is sealed.


'Magnetic Resonance'

Winthorpe Electronics

Oh my. Dublin’s DeFeKt has been on a hot streak of late, and this EP for the rapidly ascending Winthorpe Electronics is hugely appealing. The title track is a four-four electro-techno beast with a bassline that could level cities, ‘Modular Vision’ is a stop-start electro-funk killer with lovely chords, and ‘Split My Mind’ is another four-four monster with a searing arp b-line. You need this.


'Research EP'


Reactivated after a considerable lull, Cosmic Force’s label is back with Dutch electro boss Sjamsoedin. Head straight for the ravey ‘Chemical Analysis’ with its stabbing riff and relentless rolling drums, then check out the more melodic, trippy flavours of ‘Legit’.

Bochum Welt



To any braindance/IDM aficionados, Bochum Welt will be a familiar name for his releases via Aphex Twin’s Rephlex label. Now parking up on CPU and further affirming the label’s status as inheritor to Warp’s abstract electronics crown, ‘Seafire’ is largely a (beautiful) ambient record, though on ‘Melodie d’Aout’, Bochum Welt goes full pelt electro, with an astral, twisting synth line.