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Singles - Garage - Issue 536



1-800 Dinosaur

It’d be way too easy to take the title refrain of his new EP’s title track, “you’ve got to believe in something” and apply it right back to Airhead, questioning exactly what it is he’s become so passionate about, but it’s pretty obvious from the swirling string line on ‘Shirin’ and the stuttering gallop of ‘Shekure’ that it’s dancefloor impact he’s about right now. Allow the opener and it’s a complete material 180 from almost meek to absolute peak.


'A Pair of Quiet and Empty Rooms'

Where To Now

D.Hansen’s latest transmission for the blossoming Where To Now label isn’t his loudest or perhaps his most pronounced work yet, but it may well prove his boldest. Despite all the introductory torrents of clattering sounds on ‘Low Voice’, the two 10-minute pieces explore Hansen’s relationship with foreign objects and the way they react in environments that are familiar to him, creating something that’s more a sound art installation than a fully-blown drone piece.


'Amok Time'


As far as I’m concerned the attention shy Maghreban is three for three. He’s put out three records on Zoot and each one’s done something for me. This third one’s devoted to Star Trek and the Vulcan mating ritual, which he describes as "often brutal" — a phrase that is probably the optimum tag line for the A-side, ‘Amok Time', which totes the kind of churning low-end that would’ve sweetened up Plastic’s 2009-era soundsystem just perfect.


'Crystal Children'

Local Action

Listening to Inkke’s 'Crystal Children EP', I’m actually willing myself to shit or get off the pot; to actually make up my mind if I love it or hate it. There are points — the whole of ‘Thinkk Star (Club Mix)’, 'Ultraviolet' and moments of ‘Zen’ — when I’m totally there backing it, but elsewhere, like on ‘Daisy Chain’, I’m just itching for a bitcrushed pad, a drone or something to slice through the computer song.


'Fate EP'


Mr Mitch’s Gobstopper label has been having a super fine day in the sun of late and that sterling run of form continues with North London resident Dark0’s 'Fate EP', a six-track exploration of the sort of things he’s been threatening to do for a while now. It’s sheeny and double glossed and, like label mate Mattwizard, in places he’s borderline skweee, but a track like ‘Black Rose’ feels exemplary of the times we’re boxed into.


'Feel the Heat EP'

Friends Of Friends

I do love myself a bit of Groundislava but I don’t really know or understand what it is exactly that’s made the LA resident go hell-for-leather on channelling his inner ATB. There’s always been a welcome danger that he might take it all too far, but this EP sounds like the music we were dancing to in Rock City in 1999, and we weren’t really so into it then either. At least there were Nottingham girls there...

Lil Silva

'Mabel EP'

Good Years

Returning after a little downtime, Lil Silva’s five-track 'Mabel EP' for the Good Years label features two collaborations with LA vocalist, Banks — someone he’s reportedly been writing and producing for in the time since his Club Constructions 12” for Night Slugs. Now rolling a little slower, but packing as much tortured bass range as his early work, it feels odd actively willing the tracks to pick up speed, but they definitely display more of a delicate touch.


'Primitives '

Broken 20

Sometimes there’s a science to silence and other times it’s just because you haven’t made any music or found anyone that’s willing to put it out. I’m willing to bet that it’s the first one for Spatial, who returns soon with the frantic techno stomp of ‘Primitives’ on the Broken 20 label. In fact, I know it’s the science one because he’s written his own generative audio-visual software which’ll accompany the release of his 12” on DVD. Ha.

Imre Kiss

'Raw Energy EP'

Lobster Theremin

There’s definitely something that’s raw and immediate about the music of Budapest resident Imre Kiss, and it’s quite obvious why Lobster Theremin picked him up from the range of styles he deploys on his debut EP for the label, 'Raw Energy'. Personally, I think the whole thing would be stronger if it revelled in the weirdo zones of ‘Stellar 0102’ and ‘Spellbound’ a bit more instead of trying to cover every base possible. Promising still.