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Singles - Grime - Issue 597

Saskilla x Ten Dixon

Safe 2


Hot on the heels of 2018’s class ‘SAFE’ EP, the two South London MCs lock horns once again. With Ten Dixon getting a lot of buzz off his impressive performance in LOTM (despite a lot of baiting), the pair go mano a mano for follow-up ‘Safe 2’, six tracks of top quality 140 that broach blinding grime (‘Grime Aint Dead’), spacey UK rap (‘Yellow Brick Road’) and even more deconstructed grime flavours (‘That’s An L’). A solid pairing.


'Class of Deja ft. D Double E and Ghetts'


Kano’s sixth studio album has been seriously eagerly awaited, and grime fans hoping for him to fully embrace the sound will be pleased to hear second single ‘Class of Deja’, its skippy, sparse beat a heated throwback. Throw in some “oooer ooer” D Double ad-libs and a blistering, jabbing verse from Ghetts and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Faze Miyake

'Eyes On Me'

Woofer Music

Much like Logan, Faze Miyake is a double threat, with his blistering production work having positioned him as grime and UK rap’s instrumental go-to. He’s been working “quietly” (as he puts it) as of late, dropping a slew of cuts via his own Woofer Music imprint, and ‘Eyes On Me’ finds him at his most introspective, tackling his own standing and contribution to the music scene, as well as his need for privacy.

Tempa & Scorpz

'Gift of the Gab'


With pummelling production via the hands of grime scene lynchpin Silencer aka Teddy Music, this four-tracked release finds Birmingham spitters Tempa and Scorpz surface from the underground for a joint venture on Rinse. Boasting tight, punchline-heavy flows, Silencer’s skippy beats are the ideal bed for the rising MCs to spar over.


'Lord of the Mics VIII'


It’s that time of the year more eagerly awaited than Christmas for grime fans: the release of the eighth edition of the coveted Lord of the Mics series. Leaving aside the debate about which MCs won their clashes, the videos dropped alongside a new compilation with contributions from all participants and more, with blistering cuts from PK and Mez (tip!), Jammer’s ‘Ian Wright’ and plenty more.


'Run From War'


Willesden’s Logan is a double threat and something to be envied (or feared) in grime: an MC can also produce as well as write bars, and those multi-talents really shine through on ‘Run From War’. Injecting his flow with gruff patois, the beat he rides, cash register samples and coiny clicks, is a surefire example of finessing both the production and lyrics.


'Start Up (ft. Flowdan)'

Nomine Sound

Is this the first track where an MC sends for Spotify? On the Boylan-produced ‘Start Up’, Flowdan has zero-tolerance for all of your “playlists and streaming service[s]”. Creating a sound that’s the direct intersection of grime and dubstep, the cut throws back to the days when dubstep was deeper and darker, and that’s no bad thing...


'Tropical Vibes, Pt. 2'


Here Scrufizzer swerves all-out grime in favour of UKG, afrobeats, and there's the feelgood swing of the introspective ‘Piece of Mind’, while ‘Badmind’, with its hollow bass stabs, is a nostalgic throwback to the early sounds of grime with its call-and-response format. The West London MC laments the fractured nature of the grime scene at the minute, his bars ringing out with both fury and aspiration.