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Singles - Grime - Issue 598

Snowy by Tom Morley (@tamvisuals)


Mighty Moe


Fresh off the back of ‘Reddit’, one of the best grime tunes of 2019 (in our humble opinion), Nottingham’s Snowy returns with ‘Mighty Moe’, the title a reference to the pioneering member of Heartless Crew also known as Metric Moses. Over a beat produced by Goldteeth, Snowy wraps his Notts flow “like the Trent” around rampant Eski clicks and a more glistening, arpeggiated sound that distances itself from a fair amount of grime production at the minute. At a time when grime feels like it could do with a bit more diversity, we can only hope Snowy keeps these sorts of tunes coming.

Tre Mission


Last Gang Records

“Love this one by Tre Mission. In my opinion, it’s totally different from any grime song out now. Very chilled, but at the same time so energetic. Feel-good music.”

Ten Dixon

'Big Boy Wave'


Fresh from sparring on Lord Of The Mics, Ten Dixon rides the coattails of hype with a more low-key, slow-burning sound. His normally bullish flow is dialled down on ‘Big Boy Wave’, and it almost feels like the vocals could be turned up slightly, but on the whole, it’s a heavy duty outing from an MC with one of the most original styles going.


'Don Gorgon'


There seems to be something of a trend for grime MCs gracing dubstep beats at the minute, and the Willesden MC jumps on the wave with ‘Don Gorgon’. Nails-on-blackboard, horror movie strings screech before the part-time sports coach, part-time MC comes in all guns blazing over the Burke-produced beat. Dark and shadowy, this piece of weaponry is made for big systems.

Marger & Jay Amo

'Don’t Play Yourself'


With the increasing crossover in the worlds of drill and grime, East London’s Marger and Jay Amo team up over a series of beats that test their versatility. Lead cut and cautionary tale ‘Don’t Play Yourself’ is a scorcher, but it’s ‘Filthy’ that really stands out: loaded with “punchlines and left-hooks”, together they make it look like child’s play.

Row D

'Flavours feat Popzzy English'


This one takes a bit of time to get going — and the less said about the fairly forgettable chorus the better — but once the hi-hats have kicked into gear, Row D rolls his flow, that at times mimics garage stylings, over a swirling trap beat. Fresh grime talent Popzzy English’s verse is more abrasive and gruff than ever, making for a stark contrast with the laid-back, cloudy beat.

Terror Danjah


Tru Thoughts

While Terror Danjah’s current condition remains unknown (and our thoughts are with him and his family), the iconic grime architect’s album ‘Invasion’ has arrived. Released by Tru Thoughts after speaking to his collaborators and being told that its release is what he’d most likely want, it’s a hugely powerful document that injects soul and jazz into grime tropes, further demonstrating Danjah’s production might.

Gen, Tommy B

'John Wick'


Tommy B and Gen are at the forefront of grime at the minute, with the former in particular having a banner year. Taking its theme from the Keanu Reeves assassin series, ‘John Wick’s instrumental throws down some lethal breaks before mutating into a trap beat, over which both MCs show they’re not messing around.


'Sounds Of The Skeng'

#Merky Records

‘Vos­si Bop’ was Stormzy’s first No.1 hit — and a rare example of grime doing numbers, and he follows up this success with the Sir Spyro-produced ‘Sounds Of The Skeng’, complete with some The Sound Of Music-themed artwork. Spyro’s masterstrokes are all over this economical, skippy cut, although it does suffer from an overwhelming similarity to the Spyro-helmed ‘Big For Your Boots’.