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Singles - Grime - Issue 549


Dead Language


The LA-based producer returns with his second release on Distance’s mighty Chestplate label, with a concrete three-tracker of bass artillery. Expect the usual dark, esoteric rollers from this camp; ‘Dead Language’ kicks things off with an absolute growler, followed by the sinister tones of ‘Anti-Social’ and rounded off with the contrasting, almost soulful ‘Undertone’, which morphs slowly into another darkside creeper.


'Allmyrecords EP '


A strong experimental collaboration EP from Mr Leon DVA, back on Hyperdub after two years. It’s a mindbender of a three-way, so if you’re expecting some nice dancey DJ tools, jog on. But if angular, uber-syncopated drum patterns, with an ADHD-like energy, is your thing, check the Addison Groove track first and foremost. For those with a need for a bit of coherence, check ‘Perxoflyf’, the closet thing you’ll get to a dancer. A bold EP.


'Gaia '

Vibes & Pressure

After making a decent debut back in 2007, much was promised of this artist, but nothing came. Now, after his self-imposed hiatus from the music industry, spending time in Africa finding peace and perspective, he’s back with a suitably spiritual number. Deep roots, cerebral horns, and a message of conservation and respect for the world we live in. Check Prince Fatty’s superb dub, using the bassline from Jacob Miller’s 'Baby, I Love You' to great effect.


'Lost Knowledge '


A slick, dense and bouncy little EP from this Bay Area (San Fran not Torquay, yo!) duo. For a start, it’s chock full of trappy snare action and monumental bass quakes heavy enough to wobble the arse off a malnourished stray dog. Add in a deft attention to dripping melody lines, and a smattering of OG vocal snippets, and there is a lot to like in this EP. Worth keeping an eye on.

Virus Syndicate


Midication Records

Manchester’s longest running dubstep crew, headed up by producer Mark One with MCs JSD, Goldfinga and Nika D, return with a tight little number aiming their vitriolic flows squarely at the hollow, drug-fuelled music industry. It’s a simple yet taut, tense and lolloping beat which allows the vocals to punch through whilst keeping the feet stepping.


'Tearz '

Different Circles

The third release on Mumdance & Logos’s vinyl-only label is a split artist offering featuring our very own Rabit, with Adelaide resident, Strict Face, on the flip. Fast becoming a standard within the instro grime scene, the confidence to release beatless material dominated by bold angular melody lines is superbly typified by ‘Tearz’ and the Widows remix of ‘Into Stone’. The only boom bap is from Strict Face’s original, which is more hip-hop than Eski beat, but still oddly captivating.

Om Unit

'Torchlight Vol. 1 '

Cosmic Bridge

A slick and accomplished EP from Cosmic Bridge boss and all-round don, Mr Unit. Essentially all drum & bass, but needled through with a thread of roots, a stitch of dubstep and a twist of experimentalism, it creates a whole that feels vibrant and forward-thinking.

Le Castle Vania & Lumberjvck

'You Know My Name '

Always Never Records

If ever there was a duo trying to make a clusterfuck of a record, it is this. In that typical EDM tradition of trying to cram a load of different genres into an EP, all it does is ultimately sound like a sad, socially awkward 40-year-old virgin having a rave in defunct Second Life with an ounce of Meow Meow pushed in his arse.