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Singles - Hard - Issue 570

Guns 4 Hire

The Day I Die


Our rawstyle masked manic friends from Holland are back, and this time they are pushing the tempo boundaries! Following the sinister rock-influenced vocal on the break, this track builds in tension and tempo before dropping are a furious 170bpm with hardcore kicks galore! As with all G4H tracks, the production is impeccable and each release feels like a real occasion that everyone on the scene will play for months on end until the next one, and this track is no exception to this rule!

Devin Wild



Uplifting hardstyle singalong anthem here from the Scantraxx camp, who always help bring through next-generation stars onto the scene. This verges on the very edge of cheesy, but finds a fine balance that will satisfy both those singing along on the dancefloor and the sweaty ravers at the front giving it some. The perfect hardstyle soundtrack for a summer day!

Pherato & Skytron



Summer is coming and that means one thing, I am inundated with harder-style festival anthems for the summer! While the deep-meaningful male vocals, producers do try as hard as possible to write a killer melody that will become to soundtrack of the summer for lovers of harder styles. Pherato & Skytron have totally nailed this one, keeping the vibes uplifting but without losing the energy on the drops with the key changes.

Nightfall & Deluzion


Fusion Records

"Rawcore” is a buzzword that has been floating around for a while to describe the fusion of rawstyle and European hardcore. Despite the scene not needing another niche sub-genre to divide the sounds, this is probably the best way to describe the track. Clocking in at a rawstyle standard of 155bpm but clearly with the production influences of hardcore, this track takes over where Art of Fighters and DJ AniMe left off a few years ago. I personally loved this sound, but as hardcore went uptempo this sound was somewhat abandoned, so if acts like Nightfall & Deluzion are picking up the sound, that's quite literally distorted music to my ears!

Public Enemies

'Start The Rage'


Hardstyle duo Public Enemies are back again this time with a Qapital 2017 anthem! A crisp screech and kick on the intro that creates a high energy vibe from the outset, followed by heavy drums with a signature hardstyle anthem break and melody fit for the number-one rawstyle festival in the world.




With the upcoming release of E-Force’s album 'Edge of Insanity', it's rude not to check out the new material upcoming on his masterpiece of an album. This track ‘Stress Test' stood out from the pack and caught my attention with its heavy snare drum and acid influenced build on the intro, followed by a naughty hard techno/schranz drop which brings a new and unique flavour for the rawstyle scene to get there teeth into!


'Symphonic Voices '

Q Dance

The queen of raw is back with another brutal banger filled with kick-drums that bark through the speaker and detuned synth lines that will haunt you in your nightmares! The hook of the track is a classic operatic sample many metal heads will recognise from Rammstein’s classic 'Sonne'. Following this eerily beautiful vocal, Deetox continues the chord progression with a equally haunting melody before dropping back the the brutal beats.