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Singles - Hard - Issue 578


Catch Me If You Can

Dog Fight

The Italian queen of hardcore is back with with more beats to brutalise your ears! 2017 was a big year for AniMe as one of the lead producers of the hotly received new Dog Fight record label, and with a steady release schedule planned for this year already, 2018 is looking to be more of the same! Catch Me If You Can is a high energy Euro hardcore affair with an abundance of distorted kick drums, twisted synth work and sinister melodies. Not for the faint of heart!!

D-Block & S-te-Fan

'Above Average'


These guys are one of my person favourite production acts in the harder styles because of the undeniable consistent quality of tracks, and firm focus on dance floor friendly bangers. Above Average shows a tougher edge to their production which is not a first, however less common that their ‘hands up’ euphoric ventures. Raw beats, dark melodies and aggressive raps make this a refreshing alternative to the happier stuff they have released recently.

Deadly Guns


Masters Of Hardcore

As a die hard video game fan myself, the first thing that came to mind when seeing this track title was the 90’s FPS classic Doom… and thats exactly where this track takes its influence from! The main break sets the mood with a glitchy half-tempo breakbeat before the guitar riff is dropped shortly followed by a manic 195bpm kick drum!!! Even if you’re not a fan of this extreme end of the dance music spectrum, if you are familiar with the Doom game, you own your self a listen just for the nostalgic fun!!!

Prime Time Players

'Don’t Know How To Make You Happy'

Lethal Theory

This collaboration between a group of elite figures in the UK hardcore scene has been making waves over the past 18 months with rare arena show performance and a quality over quantity approach to their production. This latest offering is an uplifting vocal track with melodies to match. The high energy kick and bass is so clean and snappy it’s guaranteed to rock any sound system from underground club rave to festivals!
The SoundCloud content at https://soundcloud.com/lethal-theory-music/ltradio-episode-31-with-joey-riot-with-special-guest-ncrypta is not available, or it is set to private.

Devin Wild & KELTEK & Adrenalize & Villain



A collaboration between four of the hottest acts in the Dutch hardstyle scene at the moment, this track delivers exactly what you would expect. Euphoric lead melodies, contrasted by the current ‘box-y’ sounding kicks influenced by the raw movement and spoken word from infamous hardstyle host MC Villian. This track must have been produced with only ‘end of night anthem’ status in mind.
The SoundCloud content at https://soundcloud.com/scantraxxrecordz/devin-wild-keltek-adrenalize-villain-fifteen-scantraxx-15-years-ost-teaser is not available, or it is set to private.

E-Force & Luna

'Lost World'


Legendary pioneer of the hardstyle scene Luna is back to team up in the studio with E-Force and the results should come with a ear safety warning. Clocking in at the new rawstyle standard of 155bpm, the kick in this track surpassed even my expectation of brutality! Brief moments of respite are provided with movie style vocals before the onslaught of kicks continues. Only the hardest need apply here


'Silent Scream'

Q Dance

B-Front has always been at the forefront of the harder end of hardstyle, and with the recent trend of the genre moving in this direction he has been push to headline true status! Here, his latest offering whilst still being dark and sinister, balances this will with melodic element and vocals which far from make this a euphoric affair, but add the all important musical element that can be missing from some harder productions.


'The Magic'


One of the newer artists to come out of the legendary hardstyle camp at Fusion Records, Retrospect has quietly been building a reputation for solid dance floor tracks over the past few years. The Magic is a fun triplet track with bouncy melody and beats to match. As the artist name its self suggests, this track isn’t breaking any moulds, but with a firm nod to the classic sounds of yesteryear this is very much going to be a welcome track in many DJ’s sets.