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Singles - Hard - Issue 584

Evil Activities & Endymion Ft. E-Life

Broken (Wildstylez Remix)


This was one of my favourite hardcore tracks when the original was released back in 2011. It had everything: uplifting vocals, original raps, powerful melody and energetic beats. As Endymion celebrate a landmark 20 years in the industry, they have released a new album, featuring (alongside new material) remixes of their greatest hits. They've drafted in hardstyle super producer Wildstylez, who has re-fixed ‘Broken’ with a powerful kick and bass, climax kick and new melody, to give this anthem time to shine again in a new scene.

Crystal Lake

'Always Bet On Red'

Dirty Works

Crystal Lake are an enigma. They are two super talented Israeli producers that seemed to vanish from the scene, but have returned with absolute monster hits ranging from EDM to hardstyle as if they never missed a beat. 'Always Bet On Red' is most certainly at the harder end of their spectrum, with techy kicks and looping hook melodies, making this a crossover hit into the EDM world for sure.


'Blast Yo Ass'


The Scottish hardstyle viking is back with another brutal assault on your ears. Caine is well known across Europe for destroying dancefloors with his intense kick rolls and bass drums, and his latest track 'Blast Yo Ass' offers no reprieve. The vocal hook of the track goes a little political, and dark yet energetic melodies inhabit the break, but the real meat of this track is in the drop. A plethora of rough kicks give this track a relentless feel that never becomes stagnant. definitely check this one out.


'Dark Sun'


Ex-Psycho Punk member Sven’s latest solo venture has seen him hit gold several times in the studio already, and catapulted him to main stage status. This latest offering continues that trend, with a beautifully sinister pitched vocal to add a true haunting quality to the break. The first drop is a classic ‘mid intro’ section of straight energetic beats, followed by the second breakdown, developing concepts of the first to higher levels of euphoria before unleashing the beats and bass simultaneously at the climax.
The SoundCloud content at https://soundcloud.com/scantraxxrecordz/keltek-dark-sun-teaser is not available, or it is set to private.


'Global Citizens'


I like Andy Svge productions because they have all the modern crunch of the current rawstyle trend, but they also hold on to the deep musical heritage of his previous production under the Waverider alias. 'Global Citizens' starts with a progressively building breakdown, robotic spoken vocal and swelling arpeggiated melody, that climaxes with a power kick-drum. Zero anti climaxes or counter drops on this one. An end of set anthem for sure.

Ganah V Juggernaut


Evolution Records

Brand new UK hardcore flavoured track on the legendary label of Scott Brown, from two artists that were previously unknown to me. So it was a pleasant surprise to discover this highly produced gem is fresh and modern in arrangement and sound design, yet still successfully captures the ravey vibe of yesteryear with the sampled diva vocal in the breakdown. I’m excited to hear more from these guys in the future.

W&W X Darren Styles Feat. Giin

'Long Way Down'


Wow, what a clash of styes on this one. It makes me happy to assure you this track firmly belongs on the hard dance page, as Darren Styles's hardcore roots come to the forefront. The 160bpm beats, though modestly paced for our scene, are a far cry from the 128bpm trademark tempo of the EDM scene. W&W's influence shines through, with the melody and vocal making this a bizarre collaboration on paper, but in reality, it presents a commercial crossover dancefloor anthem.

Fmknt (Fmnt & Mkn)

'Me No Speak Latino'


Try saying that artist name after a few gin and tonics. This clash of acronyms offers a super fun Latin influenced hardstyler, perfect for those summer festivals. Horn loops and a Spanish “one, two, three” drop vocal precede the energetic reverse bass drop, which in itself is packed full of swing and groove. No climax kick within earshot of this track: it’s all about making the dancefloors move, an ethos that can all too easily be overlooked in today's scene.

Kamikaze & Mikazuki

'Take Me There'


A collaboration between these two artists from Australia and Japan gives us a pounding hardstyler with a truly global sound. There's an awesome kick and bass mid intro, a euphoric melody on the break with a catchy tuned vocal, and a powerful drop. Both artists are well established DJs in their own countries, but with this latest burst of high quality production, expect to see more of them internationally too.