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Singles - Hard - Issue 590



End of Line

Rawstyle was born as a counter culture to the explosion of the more accessible, euphoric hardstyle scene, so it’s somewhat ironic how the tables have turned, with raw now being the consensus leading sound. As with all music that attracts mainstream success, some rawstyle has adapted to be more palatable for the masses; but among all these evolution cycles, Australian DJ/producer Delete has stayed true to his core values. 'Victorious', featured on his latest artist album, is 100% underground. With an eerily dark vibe, distorted, twisted kicks and fills, and sinister melodies that will haunt you in your dreams, this track will not be for everyone, but as much as we should praise evolution, it’s just as important to note a producer who stays true to their vision, especially when it is executed at such a high level.



Electric Fox

This classic Beverly Craven vocal has been reincarnated in all styles of dance music for well over two decades now — however, it feels like it has been just long enough to welcome a new take on this classic. UK-raised, Australia-based producer Technikore presents this version at 165BPM, with an extremely well-rendered vocal, followed by uplifting UK hardcore melodies and a driving kick and bass that will get any dancefloor moving when the beat drops.

Alex Kidd

'Give It Up'


Manchester's hard dance legend makes his return to the infamous Druck Recordings, delivering a hard trance/hardstyle crossover track that will appeal to fans of both sub genres. The first half of 'Give It Up' features a chopped and syncopated diva vocal and distinct techy vibe. The track opens up after the main break however, with a more traditional hardstyle sound and a pitched kick to follow. Great work as we’ve come to expect.

Public Domain

'Hit The Reset'


On the lighter end of what we cover on this page, the legendary '90s Scottish dance act return with more catchy dancefloor chaos. Clocking in at a steady 140BPM with bubbly basslines, crisp percussion and a catchy male vocal, 'Hit The Reset' has a full-bodied identity that can sometimes be lacking in today's disposable dance music culture. On the main break, we get trademark Public Domain acid drops, before it flows nicely back into the techy goodness.




Known for his 2017 hit 'Zombie' and a plethora of other dancefloor bangers, the hardstyle anthem master is back with another track to tear up raves around the world. The main hook is a movie trailer-style voice over which swells in dramatics when the melody drops. Add in a powerful kick, and you have all the ingredients for a rave beast.


'Payback (Bass Chaserz Remix)'


After Jos from Bass Chaserz's departure from the group last year, Marco has been pressing ahead with new music, and his latest offering is a remix of fellow Dutch trio Endymion. This respray of 'Payback' takes everything that made the original a dancefloor smasher and cranks it up to 11. The break features a tempo shift where the melody drops at half-time, and climbs back up to speed, giving it even more power and emphasis when the beat drops.

Dany BPM

'Power Beatz'


'Power Beatz' is one of those tracks you can listen to at home, but you won’t fully understand its genius until you have heard it in clubs. Featuring a classic rap sample in the break, and an energetic build and drop to a simple, tough and techy kick-drum, this may not sound particularly outstanding, but the space in the tune and the density of the sounds cause a guaranteed reaction on dancefloors every time. We know Dany can write hands-in-the-air festival anthems, but it's when he’s focused on club bangers like this that he shines the most.



Dirty Workz

The latest EP from Dutch freestyle master Dr Rude drops, and it doesn’t disappoint. 'Revolution' clocks in at a slightly higher BPM than we are used to from him, and this is backed up by a tougher, ‘raw’ kick too. But fear not, the clear identity that brought Dr. Rude to the party is still clear and present, with techy stabs, quirky, fun melodies and crisp production. A great example of an artist expanding their sound while still remaining true to their roots.