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Singles - Hard - Issue 594

DJ Mad Dog & AniMe

Come Get Some

Dog Fight

Here we have a brutal collaboration between the king and queen of Italian hardcore sounds. 'Come Get Some' is strictly for the dancefloors, with the main hook being the ever-evolving kick drum. The rapid-fire pace is broken periodically with some halftime, live-sounding metal breakbeat drums and dramatic sampled vocals, with sinister leads that twist and wind themselves up before releasing the four-to-the-floor crunchy kicks again. 'Come Get Some' is a perfect example of a simple concept executed flawlessly, without the need for over-complication.

Charly Lownoise & Re-Style feat. Ricardo Moreno

'City Streets'

Be Yourself Music

I received an early demo version of this track over a year ago and loved it instantly, but the final finished product was worth the extra wait. With such a diverse cast of artists involved in the project, you would be forgiven for thinking this could overcomplicate things, but not at all. There's a strong lean towards the classic '90s happy hardcore vibe, but with a modern production dressing and an array of remixes to fit all styles.

Kit Hype

'Concrete Jungle'


I’m a bit of a Kit Hype fanboy these days, but you only have to listen to any of his releases to understand why. There are always three clear elements in his tracks — hardstyle, ragga and rave — yet somehow in every release, the parts deliver something completely fresh and unheard before. 'Concrete Jungle' comes with ragga horns, plucks and vocal samples, before smashing in with an old skool squelchy Juno hoover, then builds and drops with the cleanest and most powerful kick I’ve heard in a good while.



Subsonic Origins

This track came with a note from the label saying they are, "not trying to be the 13th in a dozen", a sentiment I wholeheartedly respect. Influences are important, but originality is still key, and 'Deepr' has it all. Inspired by the early jump sounds and the tougher end of hardstyle, 'Deepr' is a quirky, stompy dancefloor track that will appeal to many scenes despite standing on its own.

Prime Time Players

'Don't Know How To Make You Happy (Suae x Technikal Remix)'

Lethal Theory

I love the original UK hardcore track, and this remix takes it to the next level, downgrading the tempo to a more traditional hard dance 150BPM, but opening up possibilities with a plethora of clear and present influences from early hardstyle to hard dance, trap and beyond. Such a captivating track to listen to, but not too complex — it still works well on the dancefloors too.

B-Front & Adrenalize

'Elektronic Symphony'


A clash of styles on this one, as raw meets melodic hardstyle. On paper it shouldn’t work, but these two heavyweights complement each other perfectly, and give us one of the fresher sounding tracks of 2019 so far.

Kid Morbid

'Regrets (Obsession Remix)'

Masters Of Hardcore

Scottish legend DJ Obsession is no stranger to any northern ravers, who will have seen him rocking dancefloors for over 20 years. Ever evolving, however, he has raised his production game to the next level recently, and his latest offering, a remix of the infamous Kid Morbid, is his greatest achievement to date. Cool movie samples and fast paced, rolling hardcore kicks instantly make this a hardcore anthem, with support from the scene's leaders across the world.

The Viper

'Wild & Free'

Art of Dance

The Viper is among the most respected artists in the Dutch hardcore scene, known for his hard beats but also his love for happier sounds. 'Wild & Free', in The Viper's own words, is modern day happy hardcore. He keeps the current Dutch sound, with a fast tempo and hard kicks, but fuses it with elated vibes. This tune is sure to be a crossover hardcore hit the world over.