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Singles - Hard - Issue 597

Deadly Guns ft. Sovereign King

The Chosen Ones III

Masters Of Hardcore

Deadly Guns is one of the most exciting acts to break into headline status in the hardcore scene in recent years. His productions are of the highest quality, focused firmly on energetic dancefloor music. 'The Chosen Ones III' is track one of his latest double CD album, and exemplifies the DG sound. High BPMs and a plethora of rapid fire crunchy kick drums all make this one for the harder side of the scene, but that's contrasted by an epic catchy melody. This will surely find a wider audience, as many of his tracks in the past have also. A great track from a great album.

D-Sturb & Sefa

''Nothing Like The Old Skool''

Masters Of Hardcore

"This one has completely turned my head, and I've fallen in love with some 200BPM madness — amazing melodies, but crucially when it kicks, it still sounds incredible."

Ashley WallBridge & Darude feat Foux

''Surrender (Hixxy Remix)''


"Loved doing this remix for Garuda — epic vocals and Ashley and Darude’s melody made it easy to transform into my style of tune."

Potato & Adrelina



OK, honestly, this is going to be a polarising track. Dutch freestyle couple Potato & Adrelina have made a hardstyle cover of the iconic '80s hit from Toto! The first break teases the unmistakable chords, before dropping to a quirky screech and kick section, then deconstructing into the main break. Here, the chords elaborate into a full rendition of the chorus, followed by the melody ripping through with a hardstyle lead. The tempo then double times on the build to get back to 150BPM, before dropping with the previous kick drum and melody. This track is going to be Marmite. I love fun remixes and the original of this track, so I love what they have done here.

Dany BPM Ft. Don Kino

'Bloody Speakers'


This one rides the line between hardstyle and trap, with dancehall style vocals courtesy of Don Kino and a quirky four-four kick drum drop with screech horn patterns aplenty. Without a doubt, this one is going to pick up heavy plays on either side of the genre fence.



GPF Records

I feel Caine has really refined his sound over the past year. He still maintains the raw edge that brought him to the party, but there is a certain style and swagger in his recent productions that is hard to put into words, but for me elevated him from the pack. 'Chunky', as the name suggests, has a solid, head nodding, trap influenced break, with pitches, looped rap samples and rapid fire 808 percussion. This builds, before a clean drop into a brutal kick drum. The track evolves further with sinister melodies, while all the time holding a steady groove with the percussion, even through the sections where the kick relents. A great track for the harder dancefloors.

DJ Mad Dog & Dave Revan


Dog Fight

An awesome collaboration between Italian hardcore DJ Mad Dog and MC Dave Revan. Serving as somewhat of an anthem for the label Dog Fight, 'Dogfighter' is a real fusion of sounds, taking heavy influence from Revan's rock background, with metal guitars and live drum samples in the first break. This is followed by a tear-out kick drum section leading to the main break, where the mood is lifted with an angelic melody, turning the latter half of the track into a more emotional, euphoric affair.

Art Frequency & MickeyG

'How It's Done'

Gearbox Euphoria

A collaboration between two already respected but still rising names in the hardstyle scene. 'How It’s Done' offers a powerful kick and reverse bass in the mid intro section (an arrangement style sadly overlooked these days), before dropping to the main break. Here we are met with a beautiful female vocal and uplifting melody, before dropping to a more traditional pitched kick — but there's a really cool, ‘boxy’ raw edge, giving it a fresh contrast while still continuing the euphoric theme.

The Prophet

'Recession 2K19'


Interesting fact — the original version of this track was not only hugely influential within the early hardstyle scene, but it’s been credited by many EDM producers as being inspirational in developing the ‘dirty Dutch’ house sound. This 2019 remix keeps all the elements intact with a minimal approach, quirky LFO synth and bass. A great update, not changing what makes the original so revered, but bringing it to the current day with modern production.

Scott Brown

'Wakey Wakey (Johnny El Remix) '

Evolution Records

The Scottish hardcore legend returns with another release on his high output label Evolution Records. This time, it’s a remix of 'Wakey Wakey' by Johnny El. This is the quintessential happy hardcore track this month — it’s fun, it’s light, it’s bouncy, the melody bubbles along with the joyous progression of the kick and bass, and this is all topped off with a quirky drop vocal. If you want something friendly to keep the dancefloor moving in between big vocal tracks, this one is ideal.