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Singles - Hard - Issue 600

DJ Isaac

I Want You


DJ Isaac is one of the rare artists whose contribution to the music industry has spanned over 20 years. But where many fall into a legendary/legacy role in the scene, Isaac continues to pioneer hard music as a leader at the forefront of the genre. 'I Want You' is a refreshing sound at a time where hardstyle is fragmented into either hard or euphoric; instead, this track takes things darker. The classic, trippy vocal sample is the hook, backed up by a variety of refreshing beats ranging from psy-influenced rollers to early hardstyle gated kicks. The main break offers a hint of euphoria, before switching up to another energetic drop with some classic ‘on the edge’ style synth work.

Nefarious & Andy The Core

'Black Sun'

Masters of Hardcore 

Nefarious, the latest uptempo project from British hardcore super-act Destructive Tendencies, team up with Italy's fellow extreme BPM producer, Andy The Core. This track is a cover of the '90s rock classic from Soundgarden, ‘Black Hole Sun’. Despite the difference in genre between the original and remake, they manage to capture the same vibe, only backed up with a killer 200BPM drop to destroy hardcore dancefloors.

Fracus & Darwin

'Faster & Stronger'

Hardcore Underground

This UK hardcore duo are possibly the hardest-working act in the genre. Whether the scene is up or down, they are always working tirelessly on multiple projects to grow the sound. Still finding time for the studio, their latest track 'Faster & Stronger' is a super energetic affair with a choir-led euphoric break followed by a huge lead melody, build, and anti-climax drop to bleepy rave goodness.


'Kill You'

Dutch Master Works

A new artist currently making waves on the scene, with consistent and improving releases on the legendary DMW imprint. This latest offering is a cleanly produced, raw hardstyle tune that should be on the radar of hardstyle fans.

Gareth Emery & Ashley Wallbridge feat. PollyAnna

'Lionheart (Hixxy Extended Remix)'


It warms my heart when I see such high profile tracks getting the hardcore remix treatment. Hixxy needs no introduction: his mixes on the 'Bonkers' compilations are the reason I and many others aspired to be DJs, and it’s awesome to see his work still being held in the highest regard. Hixxy keeps the spacious, gentle vibe intact, only boosting the BPMs to his trademark happy hardcore tempo. The break serves up the beautiful vocal, with swelling arpeggiated synth work that rises before dropping back to the hardcore beats. Energetic but never overly aggressive.

le Shuuk x Sunbeam

'Outside World'

Rave Culture

Yes, it’s back again: the timeless melody that will still make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up 25 years after its debut at underground dance parties. This time it takes on a more happy hardcore form, courtesy of le Shuuk. A 160BPM intro leads to the break, where the classic melody with an M1 choir voice is gently laid down, before it's layered with a powerful super saw. It builds with a rap sample, and drops to clean kick and off beat bass. Rinse and repeat for the break, but with the melody included second time around.

Geck-o & Wavolizer

'The Perfect Speedrun'


Two of the most genre defiant artists in the harder styles collaborate on this one, with a theme of speed running video games. The intro sample comes from the charity gaming event Games Done Quick (I’m enough of a nerd to know this without prior knowledge), and sets the scene for a high BPM affair heavily influenced by the early Dutch rave/hardcore sound. Off-beat percussion is present throughout, with a variety of clean kick and bass sections, switching up to a more classic '90s, distorted 909 and nostalgic hoover sample vibe. An awesome trip down memory lane.