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Singles - Hard - Issue 538


TBA 2 (One More Time)

Keep It Up Music

Some tracks build into anthems over time through repetition. Others hit you with an instant feeling on the first play. Frontliner's latest production is very much the latter. Everything about this track is cutting-edge hardstyle, but whether it’s the vintage style vocal or epic melody, something hits you with a warm feeling of nostalgia the first time you hear it. A true example of music with feeling and emotion, and a perfect end-of-night anthem from the melody man of Holland.

Hard Driver


Hard With Style

Hard Driver has been tipped for the very top by the likes of Coone and Headhunterz. With his infectious productions featuring catchy melodies and fresh, accessible, raw drops we can certainly see why. This next single from him has a hands-in-the-air glide melody and subtle vocal building up and dropping, with some seriously heavy kicks and time-stretched stabs.

Tooms & Lenny D

'Burn In Sunlight'

Industrial Strength

Blurring the line between metal and gabba, this collaboration straight out of NYC shows some of the exciting collaborations that are happening since the explosion of electronic dance music in America. Being no stranger to the metal sound, hardcore legend Lenny D not only makes this an interesting crossover track, but something that will work on the dancefloors too.




Italy’s leading lady of hardcore AniMe is back with another awesome EP to damage your ear-drums. My pick of the tracks is 'Cowards'. The hook of the track is a movie-style vocal in the main break, carried by a crisp and crunchy kick-drum and on-beat melody to get the people stomping hard. The main break dials up the euphoria on the melody before unleashing hell on the climactic second drop. A very powerful track.

Technoboy, Isaac & Tuneboy

'Digital Nation'


Last time these three guys hit the studio together we were blessed with a dancefloor banger, so expectations were high for this follow-up. Luckily there is no disappointment in sight with this perfect balance of old skool/nu skool production. The legacy of these three legends shines through, with the old skool samples and kick and bass mid-intro, but their relevance in the EDM sound today is more than apparent, with the big room house-style melody and blistering hardstyle kick on the drop.


'Fuel For the Night (Q Base Anthem)'

Q Dance

Geck-o is the king of the Qult sound, fusing house, techno and hardstyle into a wonderful new genre of hard goodness. It’s only fitting that this guy be given the honour of writing the Q Base Qult anthem this year. Shuffly percussion, rising synths, epic melodies and brutal kick-drums all wrapped up in a relatively modest 135bpm package. It’s not hard to see why producers of all styles are experimenting with this sound after hearing this. Freedom and creativity at its fullest.

Wragg vs Nomad

'Future Is You'


Despite many hard trance artists abandoning the scene to capitalise on the explosion of either EDM or hardstyle, a few have stayed true to their passion, and there are no better examples of this than Wragg & Nomad. This latest collaboration is all about the pounding dark groove, bubbly acid lines and haunting melodies. Great to see these guys continuing to push the sound forward.

Monday Never Comes

'Get You'


Andy Whitby’s HARD brand has been taking over the UK’s hard dance circuit this year, with packed events across the country, as well as his highly popular monthly Hardkast. With the label now in full swing this new release features a very catchy male vocal overload on top of a piano lead breakdown, building with sharp snares and dropping with a dirty electro bassline, with a bouncy element. Fresh hard house for 2014.

Audiotricz vs TNT



Quite literally everything either of these duos touches is hardstyle gold, so to put them all in a studio together was always going to result in a mammoth track. 'Ghettoblaster' has that TNT groove running throughout, combined with Audiotrics' uplifting melodies and a very familiar vocal which just brings it all together. Really accessible hardstyle, whilst steering clear of the obvious and commercial sounds.

Donkey Rollers

'So You Wanna Be Hardcore'

Fusion Records

Zany, Jowan & DV8 team up once again as the legendary Donkey Rollers with a superb vocal laid down by DV8, and some furious beats around it, keeping all the fans of raw sounds happy.

B Front & Alpha2


A2 Records

Sometimes I wonder how these guys can sleep at night — after producing such brutal, sinister rawstyle they must have worst nightmares than eating a block of cheese before bed. Nevertheless if you're into the raw sounds it doesn't get much bigger than this, with the epic film score-influenced breakdown building into a simple, twisted melody, dropping with seriously raw power.