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Singles - Hip Hop & Trap - Issue 590

Nah Eeto


Blah! Records

Produced by Nobodies Home (Lee Scott, Jack Chard, Sniff) and out on Blah, so you're probably already able to guess what a stunning SOUND this record has — latitudinal, low-end-heavy beats, a weird layer of echo that catches all the sonic wreckage the drums leave behind, plenty of dubbed-out space for Eeto's compelling Swahili flow to ripple forth. She's going to be a star in 2019. Get in early and feel the warm glow of elitism all year.

Little Simz

'101 FM'

AGE 101

Another great drop from Little Simz's new full-length, shaping up to be one of the year's most eagerly-anticipated and mesmerising releases. Love the fact Simz's beats seem to be getting harder and heavier, and the almost K-pop lick that punctuates her typically stunning and sharp rhymes makes this into pure addictive sonic crack. This woman deserves a Mercury, a Brit Award and crucially deserves STARDOM. What a more interesting world it'd be if Simz could become the ruler she was born to be.

184 & Big Toast

'Afraid Of Americans'

Revorg Records

Typically biting and incisive lines from BT on this first single from the new album 'Prolefeed' — excellent to hear hip-hop that's not just politically conscious, but also class-conscious. It's less interested in providing pat solutions to our current global clusterfuck, and more interested in simply exploring the strangely fearful and hysterical political mindset of so many of us right now. Hip-hop doing what hip-hop can do: talking about anything it likes. Check the video as well, a hoot.

Cappo & Cyrus Malachi

'Aqua Lungi'

Village Live Records

'Angel of the north meets the angel of the south', and there's something in that line — great to finally hear the 'Postmodernism' set which was mostly recorded in 2014, but has lain dormant until now. Gorgeous, stoned-to-the-bone production from DJ Drinks, Evil Ed, Chemo, Mr Brown, Wytfang and Cappah, and as you'd expect from these two titans of the mic, some utterly compelling rhymes throughout. Superb.

Sam Krats

'Put Me On feat Neek The Exotic & Gee Bag '

In The Balance Records

Ooft, some damn impossible-to-resist boom bap coming out at the moment. Check this single from Bristol-based producer Sam Krats, who brought killer tracks out all last year on Bandcamp — great harsh beats, lunging jazzy bass and very little else, bar a fantastic sense of space, poise and power, and wicked rhymes from Neek and Gee. Hope SK drops a full-length soon, because this is a barnstormer.


'Rain Drops '

Rhymesayers Entertainment

"Evidence's return with 'Weather Or Not' had absolutely no right to be as compelling as it was, but he managed to create an album that presented his own fractured, forlorn take on himself and his surroundings — perfectly encapsulated by this single, a gloomy, doomy, almost beatless but entirely absorbing stroll through rain-lashed streets of the mind. Contemplative, compelling, essential.

Dirty Dike

'Rex 01 feat Inja, Killa P & Foreign Beggars'

High Focus Records

Man oh man, 'Acrylic Snail' is a creeper, a sneaker, an album that sidles its way into your affections without you noticing, and this single, produced by Pete Cannon, is one of its highlights. Fast as fuck, d&b-paced, strafed with a ton of distortion, guest spots flaring and flaming in all the right places. Play loud at your next kid's party, bar-mitzvah or hi-vis protest. Superb hooligan hip-hop.

Lee Scott

'Rocket Fuel'


Lee's release of a new full-length, 'Lou Reed 2000', could not have been more low key — a project currently only on Bandcamp, and with just this track available, presumably getting a fuller release in Spring. More sparse and spacey than you might expect, it's minimal to the point of hypnosis, but the lyrical journey he takes you on is customarily gripping. Seek and find and enjoy.

La Fine Equipe ft. Mr. J. Medeiros

'What Eva'

Nowadays Records

Got to admit the video helped me into this, 'cause it massively reminded me of Jane's Addiction's 'Been Caught Stealing', and the '90s vibe extends to the music too: a big, fat, rubbery heavy-synth bassline over neck-snapping boom bap beats. Utterly irresistible, and great to hear the Procussions' J. Madeiros in on this ruckus, too. A party on wax that could genuinely be a hit. Hear it.