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Singles - House - Issue 593

Gerry Read

It'll All Be Over (DJ Koze remix)

Pampa Records

Hurtling headlong towards a terrace/beach/tent near you, this towering anthem combines the dual forces of Bury St Edmonds' singular Gerry Read, alum of Fourth Wave, Aus Music and Clone, and the inimitable DJ Koze, delivered via Koze's ever out-there Pampa stable. Sampling the gospel soul track 'It'll All Be Over' from 1979, by Supreme Jubilees, Koze gives the weirdo original the full Stardust treatment, transforming it into a pulsing, disco-devastating slab of pure, distilled ecstasy. Guitars lick. Chipmunk vocals soar. Towards the end, there may be spontaneous outbreaks of 'air cowbell'. This will be the sound of your summer, if there's any justice whatsoever.



Ruffhouse Records

Your man Desto is still the best guy out there, holding hard edged, gangster posturing hip hop in one hand, dubstep in the other and clapping like his collection of anthracite Y3s depended on it. ‘Flicker Blade’ is an assault of bass textures and lurching, aggy drums that are the perfect counterpoint for the playful floaty riff and the sweeping echoes that fill the top end. It’s a style he excels at.

Wild Kid



Wild Kid’s latest three tracker for the 48k label is a weirdly emotive stew of tumbling double time wandering, found sounds and long drawn out ambience that doesn’t really have any recognisable shape to it. Take ‘Boolean Mask’: at times its over-wraught and frenetic and then, in a blink it's sparse and serene. This mashing together of moods helps Wild Kid find real purpose. I guess he called it “Formless” for a reason, eh?

FaltyDL x Benny Ill

'Ill Bent'

Blueberry Recordings

Heavily inspired by the work of Benny Ill and Horsepower Productions, ‘Ill Bent’ is a tune that Falty held back from his early releases (around 2011), so that he could retain a sense of exclusivity in his DJ sets. Hence it’s a bit of an artefact from that era of lush Detroit chords and splashy, garage shuffle. Ill remixes it, twice, and submits ‘Is It Safe’ - the kind of brutally swung tune that probably influenced Falty back when.