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Singles - House - Issue 590

Red Rack'em

Wonky Techno Banger


Danny 'Red Rack'em' Berman returns to the fold with three tracks crafted at the Devon Analogue Studio, a playground of vintage analogue gear where dons such as Detroit's Mike Huckaby have bedded down and got lost in the waves. 'Wonky Techno Banger', a distant relative of his 'Wonky Bassline Disco Banger', is an abrasive, psychedelic acid-flecked jam, warm and organic, and ready to send the dancefloor into a tailspin. 'Devon Analogue 4.2' busts up electro vibes with rasping slap bass, while 'Nave Gazing' eschews beats for thick, luxurious pads and a pulsing analogue bassline. This oozes class.

Session Victim

'Dawn EP'

Delusions Of Grandeur

Session Victim's Hauke Freer and Matthias Reiling hook up with Friends & Relations man Nebraska and Iron Curtis here for Delusions. The results are impeccable. 'Dawn', with Nebraska, is a dusky slow-burner, building layers of warm chords and Rhodes vibes from their pal Erobique. 'Taste Of Life' hurls in swathes of live percussion and pulsating synths. Iron Curtis, on supreme form of late, assists on 'Hear The Sun', a lush, smouldering sunset anthem to bring the shivers, while a Sven Weisemann dubbed-out re-rub of 'Dawn' strips back the original to its bare bones and rebuilds it with glacial precision.


'Hétérotopies EP'

Pont Neuf Records

Fresh from an absolute blinder on Chez Damier's Inner Balance, ALVA pitch up on Paris's Pont Neuf with four tracks of pure fire and a nod to Michel Foucault (L'hétérotopie is the philosopher's concept of worlds within worlds). 'Le Moulin' brings all the space pads, a blissed-out jam for fans of Boo Williams and Glenn Underground. 'Lingotto' swings things up some, via a cleverly filtered acid bassline and some good time vibes, while 'Social Club', with Cosmonection, is just joyous. We'll take all you got.

Tommy Tickle

'Night Cream EP'

Sprechen Music

While he might sound a bit like a holiday camp stand-up act, herein Manchester's Tommy Tickle offers up some serious party gear. 'Keepon' chugs like lobster-coloured frat bros on Spring Break, a jazzy sample augmented with surging percussion. 'Sock It', meanwhile, starts out all grunting, deep disco, before breaking out into full 'taps aff' glory. Both are sturdy peak-time weapons. 'Regenerating Night Cream' flips the script completely, however: a moody, late-night house cut with additional vibes from Silent K and a rolling remix from Two Tail. Spoiled for choice, basically.

Franck Roger


Madhouse Records

Straight blazing work from Home Invasion and Real Tone don Franck Roger of Paris, for Kerri Chandler's eminent Madhouse. Title track 'Power' has rough-hewn kicks, crackling with circuit board interference, and a mucky '90s garage bassline, before enveloping you in a warming loop of pure joy and distant wailing divas. On the flip, 'Justified' bumps into your life with a squirming bassline and skipping percussion, a track to shift gears and lock in those party people for the duration.

Infinity Ink ft. Yasmin

'Rushing Back'


Sumptuous deep house music complete with distant UK garage vibes here from Ali Love and Luca C's Infinity Ink project, revived after some time in stasis. Vocalist Yasmin rejoins the chaps in the studio, after appearing on their moody jam 'How Do I Love You', and the results are spine-tingling, hands-in-the-air material. A Seb Zito re-rub inserts gargantuan bass and rolling percussion, while veteran Brett Johnson turns in an unctuous dub version, with wide open pads and a genuinely unexpected organ breakdown. This is a big'un, be assured.

Shanti Celeste & Hodge

'Soba Dance'

Peach Discs

A firm yet yielding collab between Bristol techno head Hodge and Shanti Celeste on her Peach Discs imprint. As such, title track 'Soba Dance' tends towards the frisky: a sturdy, spooky groove with deep Detroit organs and a kick you can feel in your chest, tempered with soothing synth chords. On the flip, 'Alula' finds a chopped up break coupling roughly with reverb-heavy congas and a dub-heavy bassline. 'Pips', meanwhile, is spacey, tropical, trippy and trancey simultaneously, a lush and shimmering slice of late night/early morning deepness.

DJ Rocca

'The Pasta EP'

Wonder Stories

Gorgeous work from Italian stallion and sometime Dimitri From Paris cohort Luca Roccatagliati, aka DJ Rocca, for AIMES' Wonder Stories endeavour. 'Spaghetti' has brassy rave stabs and a rave breakbeat, but is most resolutely house music to the core, a bulbous bassline doing the driving. A girth-some DJ Fett Burger mix pleasingly beefs up the illegal warehouse party credentials. 'Fusilli' brings the Italo-Balearic vibrations in abundance, along with some occasional acid burbles, as 'Penne' drops the tempo for a low-slung groove, complete with additional flutes.

Nic Fanciulli



Falling somewhere between the sofa cushions of house and techno, Fanciulli's latest output, for Radio Slave's Rekids, is murky business for dark warehouses. 'Understand' is a writhing, perpetual groove, throbbing in all the right places, and in the right hands, should reduce dancefloors to jelly. 'Where U At' ups the syncopation to Derrick Carter levels of swing, ushering in rattling tambourines, clipped vocal whoops, and hard edged, Murk-style stabs. You couldn't call it subtle, but he keeps things impressively simple. Also massive.