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Singles - House - Issue 598


Spektral EP

Peckham Fly

Majestic, emotive vibes here from Third Ear alum Wbeeza — aka Warren Brown — on his own Peckham Fly label. The towering 'Scalar Field' recalls Carl Craig in dancefloor destruction mode, an enveloping organ loop coupled with persuasive percussion. Title track 'Spektral' busts up the beats, a skippy slab of deep garage that gives way to a maelstrom of soaring synths. 'Bodyman', meanwhile, with its glacial, galactic soundscapes, is full scale devastation, undulating tech-flecked house for the ages. Magnificent.

Black Loops

'Gwei Lo EP'

Pets Recordings

Italian stallions Gabriele Micheli and Riccardo Paffetti return to Pets for a second EP, following 2017's 'For The Lovers EP', among a glut of releases for the pair this year, on labels from Quality Vibe to Kerri Chandler's eminent Madhouse. This tight four-tracker is a joy from front to back. The sublime 'Gwei Lo', with its busted breakbeat (this is still VERY much house, mind you), shimmers and twinkles, with shots of rave MC vibes, and the wonderfully moody 'Unity' comes with the slamming Jersey beats, but acres of space. Hell, this is all good. Just get it.

Joshua James

'Journeys In Love'

Phantasy Sound

Joshua James returns to Erol Alkan's peerless Phantasy, his second foray on the label since last year's debut release 'Coarse', a sweat-drenched, pumping, acidic club number. 'Journeys In Love' is utter bliss, building layers of glorious, pulsing pads and gentle chord changes, with occasional wobbles of deep sub. When it lets loose with the 909 rides, tops will be abandoned. Able remixes come from Hot Chip's Joe Goddard and Super Drama, but Joshua's own version skirts perfection.


'Let's Do It Again Part 3 '

Music For Freaks

A third celebration of 20 years of Justin Harris and Luke Solomon's venerable coupling Freaks features a dream lineup of re-rubbers. The one and only Villalobos gets to work on 'He's Angry', originally unveiled on their 'Notes From The Underground' EP back in 2004. Let's just say it's suitably freakish. The Martinez Brothers take on 'Time', a firm and frisky cut, turning it into a mind-bending jam. Gerd Jansen and Phillip Lauer, aka Tuff City Kids, then take on 'Turning Orange', imbuing mucky '80s electro vibrations.

DJ Seinfeld

'Lillium EP'

Young Ethics

Slipping through the net this summer, this solid pair of heavyweight club tracks from Armand Jakobsson, aka Seinfeld, should be sought at all costs, via his newly formed Young Ethics label. 'Lilium's joyous sweeps of electronic strings, Balearic flutes and gentle twinkling pianos are a euphoric salve for the soul. Over, 'Lovejoy' brings brutally slapped congas, a mucky hi-NRG-esque bassline and a blissful break. It may also be an ode to Ian McShane's roguish antiques dealer, which only makes this more desirable.

Kim Ann Foxman

'My Dog Has Fleas '

Self Timer

Scorching stuff from Kim Ann Foxman, a chugging vibe for late nights and early mornings. 'My Dog Has Fleas' has breathy synths and a huge New Order snare. The Pleasure Planet remix drafts in pals Andrew Potter and Brian Hersey to deliver a Nordic-meets-Balearic re-rub that's pretty irresistible. On the flip, 'Shake The Bones' has acidic arpeggios as far as the eye can see, tempered by sweeping, blissed-out pads, with an old school loop and a few tablas jumping in at the break. The C.P.I. mix gives the acid more grunt, reputedly setting their Roland Space Echo ablaze. Really.

Matt Masters

'Never Ending Nights '


Whipped from his debut album for Freerange, long-time cohort of Jimpster's label Matt Masters presents four tracks of unctuous deepness. 'Once Again' swings its way to glory, a late night anthem with synths brassier than a sack of saxophones. 'Gonna Make' pulses and throbs, an incessant bassline underpinning washes of vocal. 'Never Ending Night' ups the epic stakes with warm pads building, while 'Chimes' couples ravey stabs with slinky, rattling percussion. It all bodes very well.

Black Light Smoke

'Nothing Makes Me Feel (Good Anymore)'

Scissor & Thread

More sturdiness from Black Light Smoke, who during the day is an Emmy-winning composer, and by night unleashes absolute fire for the likes of Hafendisko and Brooklyn's Scissor & Thread. An extraordinarily generous six tracks here, from the churning deepness of 'Nothing Makes Me Feel (Good Anymore)' to the brooding groove of 'Street Emotion'. Chicago vibes permeate 'Get Something' and 'Hustle', all stabby chords and churning loops, while 'Golden Chains' busts out a Juno bassline and soulful vocals. Superb.



Feel My Bicep

Long-time Feel My Bicep cohort Hammer — Glasgow's Rory Hamilton — returns to the label for the first time since last year's 'C-Space'. Here, he unleashes vibes hewn from his beloved Yamaha CS1-X. 'Parabola' is emotive, serpentine, arp-heavy and not a little epic (there's an edit version too, but the original has it all). 'Panoptic' pulses out a propulsive bassline, while lush pads float on top. 'Entropy', meanwhile, blends acidic bleeps, space noises and bursts of abrasive electronics with more of those dreamy pads. Special.

Caruan/Oskar Szafraniec

'She's Lost EP'


A Glenn Underground mix is never to be ignored, and least of all this one for Caruan and Oskar Szafraniec. It's all shimmering pads and meandering solos from space. Gorgeous.