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Singles - House - Issue 601

Dubble D presents Moodymanc

Chicago Blues EP

Well Cut Records

Majestic, low-slung funk here from the man Moodymanc — aka ex-2020 Soundsystem mainstay Danny Ward — on his own Well Cut imprint. Title track 'Chicago Blues' turns a mere two chords into purest house music hypnotism, with howling, deep blues vocals accompanying a spoken word tale of inequality in ghetto life, as mournful strings make the case for change. Simple, but totally devastating. On the flip, 'Love Like' grinds its murky, churning percussion beneath more emotive strings. This is salve for the soul.


'1-800-BOATTAXI '

SATTA Records

To be released on 100 cassettes, this EP from Sweetestcape — aka Tobias Iriah, aka Funky Cold Tobias — is as blazingly good as it will be annoying to get hold of. Nonetheless, 'I Can Be', with its pulsing bassline and skippy garage-meets-hip-house vibes is impossibly good. 'Trequartista (Playing Games)' has wooden percussion and vocal oddities, while deep, unctuous groove 'High For Heads' channels Godmode's Channel Tres but with a London flex instead of Compton. Buy this on sight. If you can, of course.


'A Place For Us'

Kwench Records

“It’s an extremely important time for us to come together right now, I felt drawn to vocalise this,” says Kwench label boss Cassy. Hear hear, and this inclusive, groove-laden, irresistible peak-time business is just the stuff to do it with too. Title track 'A Place For Us' has it all — filtered loops, reverb diva howls and a surging loop to glue it all together. The dub tones down the vocals for the warm-up vibes. On the flip, 'The One' has soothing pad bursts, bleeping arps and its own stripped down dub. Bravo.

Andy Ash

'Bottleneck EP'

Delusions Of Grandeur

Three tracks of firing house music from Flight By Night, Stilove4music and Dessous alum Andy Ash, on this occasion for Freerange sister imprint Delusions of Grandeur. 'Bottleneck', with its rubberised bass and weirdo lead synth line is unstoppable. 'Hump' drops some acid amid all of its smooth Chicago vibrations, while 'Actual Price', the pick of this sterling bunch, churns and grooves, before dropping gloriously emotive pads and scattershot arps into the bargain. It's a real piece of work.

Rossum Universal Tracks

'Ebaum's Dreamland '


Hamburg's Lehult is back with this from Rossum Universal Tracks. As is the fashion currently, things start with a busted-up beat (title track 'Ebaum's Dreamland', a frisky, spacey groove) before lurching into the four-to-the-floor. 'Bubblebag Mail' is a wonky, late-night jam, while the gritty, lo-fi 'Antwort Aus Der Stille' brings spook vocals, fragile pads and a pulsing bassline. Julius Steinhoff re-rubs the title track in stripped-down style, with junkyard percussion and swelling synths.

RSS Disco

'Lunar Fling (Aera Remix)'

Mireia Records

Futuristic Moroder vibes from Hamburg's RSS Disco (Natalie, Falk and Max) on their very own Mireia Records. 'Lunar Fling' has those gorgeous disco bass octaves, heavy flangers, and layer upon layer upon layer of breathy pads. It's magic. Berlin's Aera — aka Ralf Schmidt — aims more squarely at the dancefloor with his re-rub, a brooding behemoth chugging deep into the night with a hollow glocken-breakdown for the ages and more of those airy, spine-tingling pads. Very big indeed.

Anderson Chase

'Moon Replacement'

Public Release

Thick with tension, this masterstroke from San Francisco's Anderson Chase is towering stuff. With a kick that pounds into your chest, it chugs and writhes, its moody potential tempered by bursts of joyous, flute-like shimmers. Japan's Gonno turns in an unsettlingly wonky, beamed-from-deep-space remix, while the never less than majestic Mark E wins the day with a murky, clattering re-rub, which hurls in life-affirming pads. On the flip, 'Between Us' is another powerhouse.

Various Artists

'Scissor And Thread Presents Tailored Cuts '

Scissor & Thread

Brooklyn's superb Scissor And Thread imprint shows more of its breadth here, with a collection of cuts from, among others, label boss Francis Harris, Tomi Chair and Sophia Saze. While spanning selections of emotive ambience (from Lights Florescent) and complex electronica (Tominori Hosoya), three truly superb cuts from Black Light Smoke are deep, bumping club gear, while in 'Schaefer Street', Alex Albrecht, under his Melquíades guise, presents a thing of shimmering late night beauty.


'Snakehips EP'

Mitchell Street Records

Jasper James keeps it in the family with this third release on his Mitchell Street Records. Manakinz is his auld fella James 'Harri' Harrigan, of Sub Club infamy, and Max Raskin, aka Affi Koman of Glasgow's Sunday Circus club. As you'd expect, these are aimed firmly at the dancefloor, languid, chugging affairs with deep roots. The murky 'Snakehips' blends layers of thick percussion with a churning bassline and tripped-out noise. 'Yahama Rumba' just builds, Sandee's 'Notice Me' vocal playing off ricochet synths.