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Singles - House - Issue 530

DJ Rasoul

True Science/Rights Of Passage


If there’s a producer that deserves thorough revisitation, it’s Bay Area don Rasoul. For a decade, he did no wrong for the likes of Panhandle and Grayhound and thanks to Phil Weeks’ Robsoul imprint, we have two of his finest re-released. ‘True Science’ is incessant, a trippy masterpiece which drops deep jazz at the halfway point. ‘Rights Of Passage’, as SWAT with Kwai Le Chief and Nikola Baytala, is dark and delicious, tribal house of the highest order.

Pleasure Planet


Throne of Blood

Pleasure Planet is Andrew Potter of Populette notoriety and Brian Hersey, turning out a girthsome-yet-understated three-tracker for the peerless Throne Of Blood. In fact, the day this Brooklyn imprint sets a foot wrong, it may usher in the end of days. It's certainly not today, anyways, as this vintage house moodiness is sterling. 'Animals' even features the spectacular Kim Ann Foxman on vocals, so what could possibly be not to like? '6AMATM' chugs in beautifully, while 'Black Shades For White Nights' mooches about as if it owns the place.

Andre Lodemann

'Coming Your Way EP'


Buzzin' Fly and Freerange alumnus Lodemann drops two skilfully constructed tracks for Defected's diffusion imprint DFTD. Lovely things they are. 'Coming Your Way' finds the East Berlin-born producer building and layering like a master craftsman, creating classy understatement where others would perhaps just go all out with its bassy synths. On the flip, 'Feeling Good' oozes class too, with its gentle pianos, vocals swirling, samples appearing and then disappearing in the deep. There's a lot to love here.

The Organ Grinder & Le Horn

'Eurotrash EP'


Probably techno, really, but it's all house music in the end. Anyway, who knew Cardiff could produce such towering funk? Chayne Ramos, under his alias The Organ Grinder (that makes you the monkey, sadly), teams with 'debutant' Le Horn. The results are abrasive and brilliant. The Hague's Alden Tyrell & Gerd take no prisoners with their mix, and neither does Italian stallion Nicholas. But the original version is no slouch either. They're spoiling us, frankly. Lap it up.

Maher Daniel & John Chamis

'Lonely Stars In Open Skies'

All Day I Dream

Dreamy business from Maher Daniel and John Chamis. Subtle but still anthemic, all interlaced pads and gentle arps weaving together something genuinely lovely.


'Ode To New York EP'


Asturias man Kresy makes his debut on Freerange with a stunning three- tracker, following his debut on John Talabot's Hivern Discs. It's all good, but 'Sweet Dangerous MCs' is blinding.

Swords & Sorcery


Swords & Sorcery

Quality two-tracker from London pair Swords & Sorcery. 'Rushing' grabs the sample from Bump's '90s classic 'I'm Rushin'', while 'Alchemy' brings some wild and untamed bass.

Black Loops

'Simplon EP'


Audiojack's Gruuv label is ludicrously reliable as far as stone-cold party music concerned, and this filthy business from Black Loops is unstoppable. Take your pick; 'Simplon' has the rolling, chugging thing down pat. Actually, so does 'Cabron', along with the big room atmosphere. 'Up On You' has a devastating bassline and some swaggering garage attitude. But the Sidney Charles mix of 'Simplon', using the 909 drum palette to devastating effect will slap a big, possibly daft smile across that face of yours.

Dan Beaumont

'The Trip EP'


No one can touch Classic when it’s on form, and with this EP from Dalston Superstore and Dance Tunnel man Dan Beaumont, all concerned are indeed entirely untouchable. ‘Trippy Pumper’ is pulsating, party madness. Any dancefloor that it cannot reduce to vibrating lunacy is worthy of neither your time or effort. ‘Dan’s Jam’ is brooding, tracky disco, eight minutes of sparse, heads-down mania that succeeds despite having no discernible bassline. ‘This Feeling’ drops a little acid into proceedings. Most welcome it is too, as is Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s mix.

Zoo Look

'Together Like This'

Abstract Culture

Abstract Culture so far has a 100% record. OK, so they've only one release, but they've really smashed it out of the park. Bournemouth's Zoo Look are blessed with populating this inaugural EP, 'Together Like This', a swing-laden groove flecked with acid. The art of the warm-up DJ is often lost these days, but this is the kind of track to be dropped when the gear needs to shift up. The 'Purple Velvet Mix' humps too. 'The Duchess' is a brilliantly fucked up breakbeat houser, the likes of which we don't see enough. Bravo.


'We Turn/Fishtank'


In 'We Turn', Robbie Redway turns out something truly special for Kerri Chandler's Madtech. An eerie and wonderful anthem produced by the blazing hot Citizen. Purchase forthwith.


'Zulu Congo Call'

Soul Clap Records

FS who, we hear you cry? Well, that's funny you should ask. With the Soul Clap boys recently having hooked up with George Clinton for some future project action, this is a spin-off of this great meeting of minds comprising Clinton's nephew Sa'D Ali and other Parliament cohorts including Chuck 'Da Fonk' Fishman, G Koop and Soul Clap chum Chas Bronz. So FSQ is Funk Style Quality, and 'Zulu Congo Call' is a low-slung funk jam par excellence.