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Singles - House - Issue 479

Johnny Dangerous feat Kenny Bobien

Callin' You Lord (DJ Yass Remix)

King St

What makes a killer groove? Beats are crucial, of course, but at the heart of every killer groove lays a killer bassline. And that's exactly what Yass conjures up here. Like some of the most memorable MAW productions, 'Callin' You Lord' boasts the sort of bassline that takes control of the entire track. It's not especially complex nor even melodic, it just contains the essence of what makes dance music. The other elements don't exactly hurt, either. It goes without saying that Kenny Bobien's vocals are on-point, but this is no big anthem; the groove is all, and Yass's stabbed, deep keys, moody strings and controlled beats complete the harmonious jigsaw. Just feel it.