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Singles - House - Issue 476

Marshall Jefferson pres Ragtyme


Z Records

Discovering old unreleased tracks isn't something we really do in house, such is the immediacy of the moment and the urgency of continually fresh music. But you don't get to 20-plus years of history without leaving a few stones unturned on the way and the wily Dave Lee has uncovered such a stone here. Ragtyme was Byron Stingily's act preceding the colossal Ten City and 'I Can't Stay Away' was their one and only release - until now. 'Raindance' is Marshall Jefferson in his pomp, at a time when he was probably the most revered producer in house and it's amazing to hear this for the first time more than 20 years on; the pianos, strings and those 808 beats (though there's been a little tweaking, no doubt) are pretty much the blueprint for so much of what's come since. Not only that, it's a pretty damn good track in its own right regardless, Stingily limbering up for all the great records he went on to make with Ten City. Naturally, you couldn't do this without a modern retouch and Rocco duly steps up to a difficult plate with some retro Inner City inspired vibes. Emotional.