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Singles - House - Issue 466

DJ Gomi feat Louie Balo & Yasmeen

Glad I Found You


Quality vocal tunes of the type able to step outside the appeal of the vocal house diehards are rare animals; even records as excellent as some of Dennis Ferrer's recent releases have failed to match the achievements of his Fish Go Deep and Blaze feat Barbara Tucker remixes. But 'Glad I Found You' is at least a contender, thanks mainly to a strongly grooving, string-rich contemporary mix from Scott Wozniak and a confident and equally contemporary vocal performance from Yasmeen. Troublemen provide a more traditional mix but it's Full Intention, with their first mix as a duo for some time, who catch the eye with a pair of pop-tinged mixes that bear little resemblance to their disco-tastic grooves of yesterday. We're glad too.