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Singles - Leftfield - Issue 574

Washed Out

Hard To Say Goodbye (Lone Remix)

Stones Throw

Something for the dying embers of summer and those crisp autumn mornings. Lone pulls it out of the bag with this gently euphoric yet hazy take on the original, which begs discovery in it’s own right as its lifted from Ernest Greene’s self-proclaimed 'visual' 'Mister Mellow' album, whereby each track has an animated representation. Although that sounds awfully like a 'video' to us. In the meantime, enjoy this sunshine-tinged slice of break-led blue-eyed soul.


'Ascension EP'

Apollo Recordings

Cutting somewhat an emotive swathe with this follow up to ‘Static Polymorphism’, Sieren shows a little more of the arsenal in his soulful electronica cannon. ‘Tailored Mistakes’ introduces the set, with some ghostly breaks peppering a bass-laden and ambient-tinged foreground. 'Slinger’ takes it toward darker territory, springing from the depths with a clipped vocal sample, half-time breaks and dancefloor appeal. ‘U8’ shifts to beatless atmospheric mode, while the rest of the EP explores similar downtempo themes. Strong.

Blackbush Orchestra

'Famiglia EP'

Beauty & The Beat

A little late to the party on this, but what a great record. The standout cut is the London based Kay Suzuki mix of ‘Sortes, Les Filles!’ which melds delicate Senegal talking drums against a slinky electronic counterpoint. Vocalist Wolof adds the rhythmic Afro chant resulting in a perfect hybrid. Flip to the title-track ‘My People’ and you have a premium slice of Balearic heaven. Based on a smoother more recognisable structure it packs the texture, sights and sounds of the White Isle with precision. Echoes of early Lindstrom & Thomas prevail. Great artwork too.


'I Wanna Dance'

Big Dada Sound

There's something rather alluring about the EERA sound. Gentle folk-isms lull you in on ‘Christine’, only to fracture into subtle tape loops and FX, while the lead track ‘I Wanna Dance’ has all the defiance of Patti Smith combined with the venurability of Nico. High praise indeed, but it's a welcome break away from the usual more whimsical material that can often be churned out from the category.


'In Oeland'

International Feel

As with many International Feel releases it’s often hard to know where to start, such is their style of releasing records that play with form and structure in Escher type fashion. This is no exception. Part of their mini album series (does that make it a maxi single?), the LA-based Pharaohs explore distant tropical themes with a distinctly horizontal approach. Familiar forms come through, ultimately only used as brief reference points amidst a more sprawling whole. ‘Muddy Middle Of Nowhere’ is our tip.


'Old Fashioned'

Soundman Chronicles

Theres always time for a Basic Channel-inspired groove in your life. Thank your lucky stars then as three come along at once on one moody downbeat outing from K-Lone. Full of foreboding atmospherics that are stretched to the max in the echo chamber, it’s only a matter of time before you succumb to the bass-led mysteries that lie within. ‘In The Dust Of The Planet’ adds some twinkling finesse and sonic washes showing it's not just a BC tribute release. Nice work.


'Right Time (Radio Mix)'

Wah Wah 45s

One of the leading lights in the UK Reggae scene further their quest with this beautifully formed slice of lovers rock. Production is key here as they weave together a perfect storm of rhythm and harmony, although if you prefer it a little more upfront then try Ash Walker's more defined versions. All-in-all though, another great outing from the Brighton contingent. Hunt for the third album ‘Imaginary People’.


'Run Away '

Tru Thoughts

Admittedly they aren't re-inventing the nu-soul wheel, but what they do, they do incredibly well. Musical smoothness prevails, with paradoxical disjointed ease, while the ethereal vocal of Navram glues everything together with her velveteen contribution. The usual suspects of Scott & Badhu will come up in conversation, but don’t be fooled, this is the third long player for the outfit. So sit back, relax and enjoy. 21st century soul for all.