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Singles - Leftfield - Issue 601


Crimes De Gente


Portuguese artist Ondness (aka Bruno Silva) has been operating quietly under the radar for years already, documented on a variety of magnificent cassette releases and side projects. This track taken from his vinyl debut proper is a welcome entry point though, seeing the producer emerge from countless experiments with his own distinct brand of off-kilter dance. Taking inspiration from both the unpredictability of footwork and musique concrète’s manic magpie approach to collaging, ‘Crimes De Gente’ scurries a surreal mix of found sounds and shuddering distant notes beneath rumbling kicks and manic handclaps, in a fresh challenge to feet and head alike.

Amor Muere

'Can We Provoke Reciprocal Reaction'

Umor Rex

Mexico City’s Amor Muere is a new quartet bringing together musicians from across the city’s thriving scene in a startlingly effective new iteration. Violin, cello and vocal harmonies sit alongside tape manipulation, digital beats and distant synth moans. The foursome’s sound is fresh and alive, and above all hard to pin down. They evoke post-rock drama as much as they do the modular synth rituals of James Holden. File under ‘ones to watch’.

Pulse Emitter

'Fairy Tree'

Hausu Mountain

After some two decades in operation, Portlandian musician Pulse Emitter has developed an approach to synthesiser music with a rare sense of narrative behind every atmosphere he comes up with. ‘Fairy Tree’ from the forthcoming and aptly-titled album 'Swirlings' slips by the listener gradually, seamlessly floating through the cosmos from nebula to nebula. There’s a depth of detail to every second of music here, almost closer to a sculpture than a composition.


'kawasemi Ah'

Thrill Jockey

Now in their third decade of existence, Japan’s OOIOO — led by legendary multi-instrumentalist YoshimiO — continue to excel in recording energetic and inspired modern psychedelia. Their first new music since 2014’s 'Gamel' sees the group’s adventurous instrumentation reduce back to conventional acid rock guitars, drum kits and chanted vocals. The approach remains anything but conventional though, producing a rollicking, repetitive ritual replete with trumpet blasts and animalistic screams from YoshimiO.

Poly Chain

'Knight Of Pentacles'


The project of polyglot Ukrainian audiovisual artist Sasha Zakrevska reaches new ecstatic heights on ‘Knight Of Pentacles’. Having developed from sugary keyboard textures into more cosmic territory, Zakrevska finds herself deeply into repetition and synth drone here. Working sparingly, she extrapolates urgency and climactic drama from a handful of repeated motifs, allotted perfectly for maximum effect. Bubbling arpeggios spiral skywards as leering bass drones rumble on menacingly.

Celestial Tracks

'Out Of Body Blues III'

True Aether

Finnish producer Joni Judén is piling stacks of sound with a calculated purpose on his latest full-length. The artist focuses in on “close harmony relations and frequency structures”, lending these shuddering stone obelisks of synth tone some truly head spinning qualities. ‘Out Of Body Blues III’ is best listened to at high volume and in personal isolation, maximising its decadent and narcotic physical effects.

Candy Ricotta

'Sexy Friends'

No Rent

Oddball noise single ‘Sexy Friends’ manages to be satirical and horrific all at once. Candy Ricotta is the duo of Rachel Slurr and Rosie Rae, “cosplaying your feminist enemy” as they describe it, taking the skeleton of Whitehouse’s foundational performance-art-as-sonic-weapon ideals and playing the part of two Paris Hiltonian women talking about taking coke and having a good time atop a bed of rough noise.