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Singles - Progressive Big Room - Issue 593

Patrice Bäumel



The latest instalment of Kompakt’s inimitable Speicher series features what is also the zenith of Patrice Bäumel’s recent ‘Global Underground’ entry, expertly placed in the mix to deliver a spectacular emotional payoff with a breakdown almost overwhelming in its intensity. This impact is hinged around a pulsing synth hook that’s artfully embellished with white noise that grants it a particularly organic quality, synced with its bassline to leave an impression of ebb and flow. ‘Grace’ is slow and brooding and extremely evocative, from A DJ/producer whose strength lies with emotional resonance that is visceral and in the moment, instead of being overthought.

Gai Barone

'Boston (Morning Mix)'

J00F Recordings

Italy’s Gai Barone indulges his deeper side on his ‘Boston’ EP for John ‘00’ Fleming’s imprint, with several different interpretations of the titular tune that’s best represented on his brooding ‘Morning’ mix. Building over several minutes as straightup deep, atmospheric prog, he eventually lifts the curtain on an icy melody that’s contrastingly big and brash, an FM synth that twinkles like an icy-cold vibraphone and swells to completely dominate its moody breakdown.


'Into Clouds (Marsh Remix)'


Marsh has for years been one of the finest purveyors of deeper sounds for the Silk stable, and he’s received some well-deserved attention from the Anjunadeep camp who’ve handed him the keys to remix one of the label’s star producers. Marsh draws heavily on the Luttrell’s lush original while lowering the tempo just a little to draw out its more ethereal elements. Not to forget the particularly indulgent breakdown that plays out across several sublime acts.

Holy Toledo

'Out of Sorts'


A cheeky little number from the Audiomatique imprint that builds a solid, sexy groove that’s functional enough all on its own, waiting a good solid few minutes before it drops its gritty synth bassline on top of it to rollicking effect. Holy Toledo shows the requisite patience in how he deploys his arrangements in order to maximise the power of surprise.

Eagles & Butterflies

'Sketch 17'


Eagles & Butterflies’ debut Innervisions EP comes packing with a record of a particularly aloof and quirky charm, a weapon in the sets of Âme and Dixon sets since their ADE parties last year. Dropping in at a slow yet determined pace, ‘Sketch 17’ introduces an electro assemblage into the fray that morphs back and forth between a high-pitched twinkle and a stuttering techy grind, evocatively joined by live-sounding drum breaks as the intensity builds to boiling point.


'The Crux'


Another Avanti offering that nails its energetic progressive-trance vibes just perfectly. Vocal snippets offer it a suitable pulse and its grooves are just pounding, offering ‘The Crux’ an edgier framework through which its bubbling hypercolour trance hook can really shine. A neat, carefully balance mix of uplifting trance energy and proper powerhouse heaviness on the bottom end.


'Waitin’ For My Baby’s Car'


A wicked slice of dancefloor glee that cleverly mashes serious techno production with a winking sense of fun. Its pounding four-four stomp is situated with equal emphasis alongside the cheeky diva sample that’s singing about exactly what’s alluded to in the title. The two conflicting aesthetics shouldn’t work together, except they do. Sassari winds the groove energy up even further for a buildup where said diva is decadently joined by a soulful chorus for maximum fun.

Max Freegrant & Slow Fish

'We Got Space'

Alter Ego/Freegrant

Moody atmosphere and a punchy drive are the name of the game here. Max Freegrant and studio offsider Slow Fish establish the pulse within the first few opening seconds with a powerful swirling synth that provides a proper framework for the track’s solid progressive trance groove. Overindulgent melodies and overlong breakdowns are thankfully eschewed, in favour of keeping that moody momentum pushing through at a steady pace.