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Singles - Tech House - Issue 592

Rossko & Per Hammar

Conscious EP


The result of a year’s worth of studio jamming between the pair, Rossko & Per Hammar craft a balanced sound that’s utterly sumptuous in the low-end and has just the right amount of wonky on top — hypnotic, yes. Rolling, most certainly. They deliver three heady cuts: the wide atmosphere and central bass grooving of ‘Unconscious’, the deep, grumbling sub roll of the insular ‘Subbconscious’, and the dub-like stepper, ‘Dubbconscious’. Concept, production, and above all, a damn good mix can be felt on all tracks. They move just right, they’ll make you wanna dance. This is most definitely some XXL business right here.


'Alpha Centauri EP'


This debut appearance on the respected Madtech is a strong look — three groove-heavy house tracks with oodles of tech flair and bass bounce. Lead track ‘Alpha Centauri’ sets the tone, with fluid atmospheric transitions and a tight, techy underbelly. ‘Patty Wack’ swings from the rafters and relies on syncopated, glistening chord stabs, and DJOKO rounds off this spritely EP with the dub mix-styled ‘Tempers High’.

Jaden Thompson

'Alright EP'

Emerald City

Jaden delivers a trio of uplifting, party pumping tech-house tracks. Colourful percussion and catchy, soulful wailings are the order of the day for EP opener, ‘Alright’, while the pacy, filter disco house of ‘Star Sign’ gets psychedelic during the breakdown, before recoiling at the drop into the cool, pulsing bassline. The counterbalance comes from the excellent heads-down affair, ‘Freak Groove’, a collaboration with Dub Clap, fronting an off-kilter acid bass progression.

Antony PL

'Hold Back EP'

New Violence Records

The prolific Greek DJ/producer recently supplied My Favourite Freaks and Unnamed & Unknown with his well-oiled sound. For the UK’s New Violence Records, he supplies two astute cuts; the fluid, rolling groove of lead track, ‘Hold Back’, and the darker, harder-edged bass-rolling ‘Recovery’. Ray Mono takes ahold of the lead cut, adding some acidic bounce to the mix.

Jamie Lie A Kwie

'Jungl EP'

Vatos Locos

The emerging Rotterdam-based producer gets a solo outing on VL, after impressing on the recent 'Rogue Traders Remixed Pt 2' EP. He supplies four varied cuts, opening with the lively, upright beat ‘Kiwi’, followed by the hypnotising, low-pitched, percussion-centred track, ‘Jungl’. ‘Re-dub Overdub' will head straight to your ‘essential late morning rollers’ folder; a fluid chord stab pulses over a tight punching bass pulse and hard kick: highly infectious. And he concludes with a deep, eerie bouncer titled ‘In Arts’.


'Selective Air #1'

Moonless Air

Piemont delivers an uplifting four-track selection of synthy, progressive beats. Bold, fun and engulfing tech-house.

Tom Flynn

'Space EP'


This three-track EP from Birmingham’s Tom Flynn may nod to the stars, but it’s packed full of funk, notably the falling bass note that drives title tune ‘Space’ forward, and on ‘Multiband’, with its Steve McQueen chase scene bass progression. We reach warp speed on ‘Xfer’; bubbling bass, off-kilter sonics and a driving beat complete this late morning trip.


'Spiritually Engaged EP'


‘Andes house’ pioneer Carloh brings his passionate South American sound to Canada’s heavy-hitting Rawthentic stable. It’s a beefy five-track EP, opening with the tom-heavy groove and vocal choppy ‘Spiritually Engaged’ and bold, beating ‘You’re Gangsta’, before he reveals a darker, more driving bass rhythm on ‘Dame’. Then, he ups the ante on the thick kicking, cymbal rush of ‘Keep On Jumpin’, before closing wickedly with the emergent and technofied ‘Shottas’. Positively engaging.

Black Girl/White Girl

'T.A.F.F.Y. EP'

Observatory Music

Hot on the heels of their high energy and percussion-clattering ‘Twilight Zone EP’ for Relief, the girls turn in a sumptuous single for the prolific tech beat merchants Observatory Music. The ballsy, bass-heavy ‘T.A.F.F.Y.’ — full of their intricate, twisted details that flutter between the bass groove — sets the tone. Label heads M.F.S. Observatory and FreedomB each deliver commanding remixes, but it’s Jey Kurmis’ bubbling, heads-down interpretation that’s really something.