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Singles - Tech House - Issue 574


Sense Of Wonder EP

No.19 Music

Here's a very special release from Barcelona-based, Herr. A beefy, five-track EP comprising of three diverse originals with groove and purpose — 'Sense Of Wonder' pipping this trio, melding an intricate but progressive beat structure against hedonistic atmospherics; a proper treat — and two remixes from the majestic, Nitin (No.19) and Hector (Vatos Locos). Nitin restyles the swung 'London Express' groove into an electrifying, straight-sitting roller that emerges toward the middle and back again. The Vatos Locos founder, Hector, tackles 'Sense Of Wonder', shifting identity into harder realms. A whole new track in fact. Sparse percussion, a rock-solid kick, and the fiercest arpegiating synth-line emerges outward. Peak-time plays only.


'Disco Acid EP'

Time Has Changed

Riven's debut release on Time Has Changed packs a punch with three top drawer tech-house originals and two remixes from VONDA7 and Beatamines; 'Disco Acid' supplying the... erm, acid; 'Blue Panther', driving a no-frills tech sound; 'Jungle Ride', a test for the bass bins. On the remixes, VONDA7 supplies a booming techno revision of 'Disco Acid', while Beatamines translates 'Disco Acid' into a rolling tech-house twister. A wholesome pack to get your ears around.

William Welt & Moodymanc

'Ideal World'

22 Digit

A very nice combined effort from rising talent, William Welt, and seasoned producer/DJ, Moodymanc. But Alland Byallo's remix steals the show with a beautiful, rolling tech remix of 'Ideal World'.

Maurice Aymard

'Into The Sun'


The label owner (Galaktika Records) and skilled DJ/producer, drops his first major effort since May, delivering an emergent single called 'Into The Sun'. With a tough, proggy construct and melody at the core, it's a definitive sun-drenched set-closer. Remixer, James Teej, expands both the drums and arrangement, adding lengthy string parts to make for an intensifying journey. While Hobo switches the blueprint up and goes in hard, with bold synth parts moving wildly into almost, but not quite, acidic realms.

Ben Jones & Ferher

'Lost Memories EP'

Yaya Records

The label's third EP comes from Liverpool-based cohorts, Ben Jones & Ferher, who, earlier in the year, delivered the bouncing, 'Deeper Things' (on Under No Illusion). Leading out this selection with captivating drums and perfectly attuned drops and fills is 'Lost Memories'. Then, 'In The Zone' rolls a little deeper with tribalistic percussion and a thundering bassline. CDC (Hot Creations, Circus, Material) supply an unadulterated peak-time refix of 'Lost Memories' by refreshing the bassline and deconstructing everything during the breakdown with a mutating synth hook.


'No Sleep EP'

Sense Traxx

Kalyde turns in two powerhouse originals on his 'No Sleep' EP for Sense Traxx. Remixes come from rising talents, David Jackson — monstrous bass, raw hat-work, and wild synth design reimagine 'No Sleep' — and Tommy Vercetti, who coats 'Eight Nine' in his trademark bumping percussion-and-groove style, with both making this an essential selection. Kincaid & Sinal's alternative reconstruction of 'Eight Nine' delivers sensuous atmospherics and synthesised textures that'll see you right at the afters. Brilliant.


'Smoke Screen EP'

Danse Club Records

The long time Danse Club-affiliate, Lauhaus, returns with his fifth release on Austen/Scott's carefully curated imprint. And since the label returned from a reflective eight-month hiatus in June 2017, it does so with a renewed sonic identity, perfect for the heady, rolling club music of this ace producer. The 'Smoke Screen' EP is a cauldron of dubby tech-house to supply the warm-up ('Smoke Screen'), late into the morning ('Dub Cage'), or anytime to keep the dancefloor rolling ('Dub Face').


'Truth EP'

Decay Records

Ceri's return after a year behind the scenes sees her supply deep, no-frills, tech-house on 'Truth' and 'Be Mine'. Julian Sandre tackles 'Truth', upping the pace, tightening percussion and adding an atmosphere the original hadn't considered. OCH shifts 'Be Mine' up a gear with wobbling low-end, tight kicks and pinpoint swung hat percs, whilst haunting, slow-attacking swells help the track sway as it wallops forward. A tidy package all round for artists and label.