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Singles - Tech House - Issue 597

East End Dubs

bRave EP

Fuse London

One of the most highly sought-after tracks of the summer so far finally sees the light of day. East End Dubs’ ‘bRave’ has been teaching dancefloors a right old lesson with its choppy, swung beat and speed garage bassline. ‘Trancendence’, meanwhile, flutters through with synthy 16ths layering from the sub-low through to the high-end; a trippy, punchy groover. ‘Warped Riddim’ feels a little more Fuse-focused: a heads-down, arms up roller that settles in deep and dark very quickly. Enzo wraps things up with a straight-hitting rough cut of the original. Mmm hmm!

Mihalis Safras

'Afrodance EP'

Moon Harbour

The nu skool tech (power)house Mihalis Safras debuts on the clubland favourite Moon Harbour with a sizzling two-track EP. ‘Afrodance’ is the crowd-pleaser, full of energy via its hefty sub and peak time build and drop arrangement. Though surely we’ve moved on from tribal chant vocal sampling? The flip is a classic B-side; an understated, well-balanced piece that builds a groove revellers will appreciate between the peaks.

The Willers Brothers

'Falling EP'

hedZup Records

Berlin-based UK duo The Willers Brothers show class on the Parisian party turned label, hedZup — three stylish cuts and a superb sub and synth remix of ‘Falling’ from rising name DJOKO. TWB are in great form after excellent works on AVOTRE and PIV this year. Tight groover ‘Falling’ comes into its own midway, with an echoing synth layer adding energy; then they deliver some UK flavouring on the infectious chord and percs vibing ‘Babit’. Lastly, ‘Thin Lizzy’ gets deep and introspective.


'Fusion EP'

Let Me Understand Records

LMUR shows just how versatile and playful the legendary Santos is, with his technical and groovy, floor-focused house and techno. This EP is miles ahead of your average tech-house-by-numbers-producer, with the mid-2000s, main room techno styled ‘Born From A Kiss’ standing out, while the alert percussion of ‘Expression 727’ can be felt as well as heard. Lastly, ‘Fragment 005’ shows class, walking a thin line between carving a solid groove and catching hella emotional vibes.

Nima Gorji & Shoxy

'Malaga Stories'

NG Trax

Nima throws down a delightfully sprightly three-track EP on his groove-tools leaning label, NG Trax. This collaboration with Belgrade native and NG affiliate Shoxy sees the pair create two originals: the moody but vitalising, minimalistic ‘Los Montes’, and the punchy, groove-laden ‘Road To Casablanca’. Topping off this solid offering is a remix of ‘Los Montes’ from the legendary Valentino Kanzyani, who delivers an immersive and textured, trippy revision.

Eveline Fink

'Morning Contrast EP'

What Came First

This EP is a truly exceptional offering from the young Swiss DJ/producer, and remixers Tobi Neumann and Kyle E. Eveline's opening gambit, the dark, shimmering ‘Contrast’, is a thick-set and progressive, funk-fuelled roller. Neumann fires up a superb energising remix that keeps you guessing from start to finish. Eveline’s ‘Morning Dust’ is a deep, rolling and zonal affair perfect for the late hours, which Kyle E turns into a beautifully emotive 6am remix, awash with synths, pads and textured FX throughout.

Various Artists


Planetary Notions

London’s Planetary Notions crew have been building something very special the past few years, with parties and more recently their well-curated imprint. Get behind this superb VA, which features an incredibly dark, dubby roller called ‘Short Waves’ from the ever-excellent Per Hammar, a chunking underwater number called ‘Pattern’, from Worker Union, and some pacy bass bumping goodness from Walker.

Patrick Topping

'Turbo Time EP'


Only the second release on his own label, the chart-topping Brit fires on all cylinders with his 'Turbo Time EP'. Topping samples an '80s pop hit on ‘Turbo Time’, shows inspiration from Jeff Mills’ 'Bells' on ‘Let Wa Gan’, and gets playful with the weirdly catchy ‘Galaxy’. They’re unorthodox and uncompromising, but all go off. The central theme; to make you dance. Check. Marmite(ch) house.