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Singles - Techno - Issue 591

Fit Siegel

Fit Siegel & Kassem Mosse


FIT Sound

Aaron Siegel’s catalogue is characterised by great collaborations — including Sotofett and Omar-S — and this latest one proves to be as fruitful. The title track sees Mosse and Siegel fuse chiming sounds with an irresistible, acid-soaked stepping rhythm, while on ‘West World’, they plunge into deep house, as flowing chords and a bubbling groove prevail. Best of all is ‘Cycle Blue’; the bass churns and twists in a Larry Heard style, while spine-tingling piano keys bubble beneath the surface. It’s the high point in this understated but elegant release.

Auto Sound City

'A Collection Of Niceties'

Weapons Of Desire

The seventh in the Weapons Of Desire series features a return visit to Auto Sound City. In spite of the artist’s name, ‘Collection’ focuses on basement-friendly acid tracks. ‘The Five-O Swing Thing’ and ‘B Boy Acid’ are stripped back workouts that resound to low frequency acid tweaks. ‘Ayu-2’ and ‘Down The Discotheque’ feature other elements thrown into the mix, such as spooked vocal samples and eerie stabs, but the emphasis remains on gurgling 303s and grainy drum sequences.



Forgotten Future

Gerard Hanson drops a double 12 that crystallises his unique E.R.P sound. While never the most prolific artist, ‘Afterimage’ serves as a benchmark for deeper electro(nic) music. ‘Spurned' and ‘Noetic’, with their muscular bass patterns and high end tweaks, see Hanson reveal a more dancefloor focused side to E.R.P, but this release shines at its brightest when he goes deep. In particular, the mysterious synth sequence on ‘Overcast’ and the fusion of warbling bass and atmospheric chords on ‘Insomnia’ make ‘Afterimage’ a modern classic.

Reedale Rise

'Forest Canopy'


Hot on the heels of his debut album, Reedale Rise opens his account for 2019. ‘Canopy’ sees the UK producer continue to mine a deep sound, but with a twist. ‘Tranquille’ and ‘Arbour’ feature warbling acid lines amid the swirling, atmospheric chords and crisp drums. ‘Nocturnalism’ and ‘Araya’ both see a further shift from the typical Reedale approach; the former’s focus is on balmy chords, while the saxophone sample amid the choppy rhythms on the latter sound like Simon Keat’s take on deep house.

Various Artists

'Innate 02'


Owain Kimber’s Innate blog and label are giving underground techno and house a valuable platform, as this second split release shows. Sean Dixon’s ‘Our Love For Music’ is a driving, heavy affair, while Gilbert ventures in a deeper direction with the rolling ‘Polynoid’. However, the finest contribution to Innate 02 comes from A Sagittariun: ‘Proof’ is a wonderful, bleep-laden groove underpinned by crunchy drum patterns, and full of detuned melodic sequences.


'Origins EP'


Despite being 25 years old, this reissue proves that some electronic music is timeless. The work of Metamorphic boss Dan Curtin, it runs through a range of sounds and palettes. From the shuffling drums and electro-funk of ‘First Contact’ to the thumb-clicking percussion and loose back beats of ‘Intertwined’, there is huge diversity on ‘Origins’. As the bleep and tone-led deep techno on ‘Out Of Sight And Mind’, and the rough drums and mysterious synth line of ‘Subconscious Awareness’ also show, there is a 'by the seat of your pants' unpredictability that is all too rare in modern electronic music.

New Members



Pear snaps up an emerging producer, Bryan Mooney, aka New Members, for this impressive debut release. The title track is reminiscent of Steve Rachmad’s more functional approach to techno, as dubbed-out chords ride a chugging, hypnotic groove. But other details, such as the vocal snatch in the breakdown, and the layered percussion, show he has developed his own identity. ‘Good Morning’ sees New Members go in a house direction, with the same tool style approach — but on this occasion, lighter, filtered chords prevail. Look forward to hearing what he'll do next.

Matt Whitehead & No Data Available

'Temple Of Set EP'

Super Rhythm Trax

DJ/producer Matt Whitehead hooks up with No Data Available for an unforgettable release. ‘Full Resonance’ draws on acid trax, but the arrangement is cavernous and spacious, with a moody vocal sample at its heart, while ‘Panic In Flat 13’ is a more conventional 303-led workout with mysterious snippets. Meanwhile, ‘Sahara’ and ‘Temple Of Set’ see the pair draw influences from EBM and horror disco as much as techno, with frazzled electronics and eerie synth lines, making for two of the most distinctive tracks you’ll hear this year.