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Singles - Trance - Issue 584




The work of Temple One’s Joe Garrett, at ‘Supernal’s melodic core lies the slenderest of samples (a masterfully understated lift from Mr Mister’s ’Kyrie‘). Joe knows what he has in hand will make your night, is assuredly in no rush to give it to you and then only delivers in the most nominal of measures. It’s a wickedly efficient trick, and guaranteed will make it the track you’re searching for come dawn.



Statement! Recordings

Estiva’s made three or so of the best Prydz records Eric never made. ‘Alive’ however might be his most Prydz-ian to date. Fundamental to its success is its chiming, mesmeric mainline, which consciously maintains just that hint of edgy flint. Looped with engaging incessancy, it undergoes minor FX mutations each step of the way. Squared with a housey, crowd enthusing vocal line, a substantial drop and mainline synth soar, there’s masses to admire here.


'Into The Light'

Subculture Recordings

Despite its more overt tendencies, ‘Into The Light’ isn’t going to floor you with one astonishing moment. Be it bass, synth, sub or lead line, there isn’t a single part just existing here. Instead, every element in its system presses well above average, and wins through sheer cross-the-board ability.

Kristine Blond

'Love Shy (Adam Ellis Remix)'


Adam Ellis's trancification of ‘Love Shy’ is a throwback to the days when two completely at-odds genres would get a marriage of (label) convenience. A part of me wants to think there is something nostalgic, or even meta about this release, but really, as much as I liked the original, I just don’t think this works well enough.


'Revelations (Vihaan's Theme) '

FSOE Fables

‘Revelations’ is but one of a number of standout tracks from Driftmoon’s impressive, ambitious long-player-cum-graphic novel ‘Invictus’. With the music tracking its galactic premise, you can probably have a good stab at what tip ‘Vihaan's Theme’ is on. Set against celestial pads, dramatic breakdowns and lavish sequencing, space opera meets actual opera in grand trance fashion.

Paul van Dyk Presents SHINE

'SHINE Ibiza Anthem 2018'

Vandit Records

‘SHINE Ibiza’s pads swim, its bass swells, alluring sub-melodies chime and its keyline is underplayed elegance incarnate. However, it’s not a sound that’s the track’s absolute pinnacle, but a technique. Falling halfway through its drop — without kick or snare in sight — it’s the deftest of key and chord changes that takes you there. As moments in trance go this month, there’s few to beat its effect.

Three Drives

'Sunset On Ibiza (BLR Remix)'


There have been days when I preferred ‘Sunset’ to even the seemingly insurmountable ‘Greece 2000’. Thanks to BLR (pka Leon Bolier), today’s one of them. ‘Sunset’s mainline (brilliantly evocative, but sharp, overt and no wallflower) can be a bit of a handful. That goes twice if you’re coming at it from a slower, deeper perspective, as is the case here. With zero compromise to tone, he drops the riff dry and then cannily truncates, amending its feel to the surrounding tone.

Ron With Leeds

'The One I Lost'

Future Sound Of Egypt

As door-openers go, having one of the most unusual artist names in the genre serves Ron With Leeds well. Such is ‘Lost’s quality level, especially in its million-dollar vocal, that on first listen you’ll wonder if it's not a bigger artist masquerading. But no, these two lads from the Ruhr have cooked up one of the coolest, most assured and sophisticated trance-progressive numbers of the summer.

Vini Vici

'Where The Heart Is'

Alteza Records

Any concerns about Vini Vici being de-clawed following their Iboga/Armada move, by now are largely allayed. Don’t let the schmaltzy title fool you either, ‘Where The Heart Is’ is going straight for the jugular. A few of the psy eccentricities have been dialled down, but energy and production polish are up. A gripper first beat to last: fast, fierce, with some killer sequence development, this’ll put the thrill up ya.