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Singles - House - Issue 576


Svegsy EP feat. Astroloop


Hailing from Milan, where Bugsy presides over the persistently top-drawer club night Take It Easy, this is a glorious hook-up with co-pilot Astroloop for Freerange. 'Svegsy' couples sluggish, dragging percussion with dulled yet spine-tingling strings. 'New Vision' ups the definition, dropping in a positively flatulent bassline, but it's the majestic 'Ghost Song' that's the killer, all stuttering percussion and vocals you'll want to bathe in. Unsurprisingly, Chicago don Boo William's mutedly acidic mix is pretty special too.

Ra Toth & The Brigantes Orchestra

'Acid Sea'

New Interplanetary Melodies

Y’all know me. Still the same O.G. But I’ve been low-key. Probably sitting quietly somewhere, drinking a low carbonated fruit drink and listening to a bunch of Sun Ra. Evidently I’m not the only one as the Italian producer Marcello Napoletano, here operating as Ra Toth & The Brigantes Orchestra, channels the legendary astral jazz of Ra into five squalling and bizzare-o tracks for New Interplanetary Melodies. Surfing through octane acid, hard groove and the cataclysmic skronk of ‘System Disease’.


'London Ambient'


Showing the breadth of his ability with astounding panache, Loom’s new EP for Gobstopper veers all over the place. It nods to the ‘London Ambient’ of the title on its opening and closing beatless pieces but it's the meat in the middle of the five-tracker that's more striking. He goes hard with a triplet of quick-stepping cuts named things like ‘Saturday Job At Laser Quest’ and ‘Dog In The Fight’, trying things like stomping 4x4, jungle and tear-out grime.

Low End Activist

'Park End feat. Trim'

Bobby Donny

In spite of my love for everything Trim does, ‘Park End’ feels at first like a bit of a forgettable feature. Sure, his lyrics land like the glittering daggers we’ve come to expect from the emcee but the original beat feels a little stock. His iconic delivery warrants more than a clipped 4x4 garage jiggle and thankfully that's what Bobby Donny owner Frits Wentik delivers on his remix, matching the slow measure of Trim’s flow with woozy, spatial suitcase piano.

Simo Cell

'Pour Le Club!'

Livity Sound

I’ve said it numerous times already in print but Livity Sound’s whole output, the stripped-down heavy bass, rolling drum-driven curveball techno thing, is fucking awesome. They’ve really forged a unified something out of their machines and Simo Cell’s latest four-tracker for the label continues to flesh out the world they created with killer cuts like ‘How Do U Turn This On’ — which booms loud with absolute bombast — and the uptempo junglist nuances of ‘Feel Di Kouala Vibes’.

Henry Wu & Earl Jeffers


MDCE Recordings

Stepping out on Motor City Drum Ensemble’s label, South London’s Henry Wu and the Welsh wizard Earl Jeffers collaborate on two cuts that explore the marriage of jazz and house. Yeah, I know what you might be thinking, I’m the guy who bemoans house a lot of the time and then writes about something overtly housey solely because Henry Wu’s on it. You’re not wrong. But you’re not right either. I’m cultivating enigma. And these cuts are smooth as shit.



South London Space Agency

Having first experienced what Grandmixxer does live in the flesh, with a couple of lagers and a chicken shish inside me when he was DJing at Boxed way back when, I’ve always had a soft spot for his work. His set was unafraid to clash and clatter, but his selections were brick-hard and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. His first single on his new label is similarly as brutal — just thick pulsing bass stabs, 808 cowbells and tricksy hand-claps.


'Territory III EP'

WNCL Recordings

Ténèbre’s style slots so effortlessly into the archivalist sound world that West Norwood Cassette Library inhabits. His music is full of the same kind of rough-shot scuffed snares, sampled static and rollocking big beat drum patterns, mixed down with the same sense of built-in atmospheric fug that makes someone like Joe stand so far above the parapet. ‘Density’ and ‘Axe Nord-Sud’ would definitely be my tips from the four greyscale tracks on offer, but it’s all incredibly impressive.