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Sonic Groove: 25 Years

Sonic Groove
Sonic Groove
Adam X’s Sonic Groove label has hit its twenty fifth year of releasing hard, industrial-tinged techno, a feat unto itself; even more impressive is that it’s evaded the longtime label trope of being stuck in the past, as this excellent, bracing compilation is evidence of. Adam X’s steadfast vision for the label, and the sonic niche that he’s carved out for it, is conveyed in twelve tracks, each from different artists who’ve been regular fixtures within the Sonic Groove family in recent years. From the snarling vocals on Rhys Fulber (Front Line Assembly) and Portion Control’s filthy ‘Dodge The Bullet’ to Dasha Rush’s propulsive and ravey ‘Romance 22’, and of course the evil churn of Adam X’s aptly titled ‘Standing The Test Of Time’, this release celebrates Sonic Groove’s impressive history by looking to techno’s present and future.