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DJ Spen

Soulful Storm

While some DJs change their spots with the season, DJ Spen has stuck to his sound. Baltimore’s Sean Spencer is one of America’s house music originals, releasing classic tracks on the Basement Boys label way back in 1995, and with a prolific output today via his own Quantize Recordings imprint. His second album ‘Soulful Storm’ takes inspiration from the Black roots of house — disco, soul, boogie, gospel — and wraps these references in slick electronic production. ‘Soulful Storm’ is a crisp roller with deep chords, M1 bass, Tasha LaRae’s exultant vocal, and bags of atmosphere. ‘Party People’ with ‘Gypsy Woman’ vocalist Crystal Waters is even better, with its infectious key riff and addictive hooks. Meanwhile, ‘Goin’ Home (To See My Savior)’ has filtered garage chords, gospel vocals and a bluesy harmonica riff. This is the way to do soulful house properly. BEN MURPHY