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Gary Gritness

The Sugar Cane Chronicles Vol.1

Woah. Bristol's Hypercolour has signed up Gary Gritness, aka Slikk Tim (or Tim Becherand) — French producer, multi-instrumentalist and collaborator with the likes of Kenny Bobien, Louis Vega and Los Hermanos. Cohort also of UR's 'Mad' Mike Banks and Orlando Voorn, with references like that you barely need to even hear the music. Luckily, the 'Sugar Cane Chronicles' is genuinely blinding. 'Preachin' Some Tight Game' is purest, distilled house music. 'Working Girls' and 'Stayin' Strong Hand' are a kind of blazing modern boogie, while 'Fly Shit' is some fly electro-vibed shit. Just. Buy. It.