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Sense Of Wonder EP

No.19 Music
Here's a very special release from Barcelona-based, Herr. A beefy, five-track EP comprising of three diverse originals with groove and purpose — 'Sense Of Wonder' pipping this trio, melding an intricate but progressive beat structure against hedonistic atmospherics; a proper treat — and two remixes from the majestic, Nitin (No.19) and Hector (Vatos Locos). Nitin restyles the swung 'London Express' groove into an electrifying, straight-sitting roller that emerges toward the middle and back again. The Vatos Locos founder, Hector, tackles 'Sense Of Wonder', shifting identity into harder realms. A whole new track in fact. Sparse percussion, a rock-solid kick, and the fiercest arpegiating synth-line emerges outward. Peak-time plays only.