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Machinegeweher vs. A Visitor From Another Meaning

Abhinanda/Neon Light

Bordello A Parigi
Talk about making an impressive entrance. ‘Abhinanda’ is purportedly the debut release from Machinegewehr, but it sounds so self-assured and fully-formed that it’s hard to believe. It’s a brilliant update of '80s Italo, with its combination of foreboding pulses, spine-tingling synth melodies and a frosty Euro vixen delivering unforgettable lines like "the afterglow is burning in my eyes", overshadowing Elitetechnique’s remix. On the flip, Alden Tyrell teams up with '80s survivor Fred Ventura for the fist-pumping pulses of ‘Neon Lights’, but it can’t compare to the chart-worrying ‘Abhinanda’.