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Psychic TV

Alien Be-In Remix EP

Dark Entries
Dark Entries has successfully mined '80s Italo and new-wave and now it appears to be moving onto the early '90s, with Throbbing Gristle side-project Psychic TV getting the reissue treatment. 'Alien Be-In' is cullled from the act’s 'Towards Thee Infinite Beat' album, which saw them flirt with acid house. Over crisp breakbeats and a murky bass, a sample claims "We don’t know where it came from and can’t imagine where it’s going" while a digeridoo — an instrument later hijacked by every crustie on the planet — creates a hypnotic effect. Silent Servant and John Tejada and former Pscyhic TV member Fred Gianelli’s versions streamline the track for modern techno floors.