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Grapefruit Regret

Karenn - Grapefruit Regret
Known for their fiery hardware-based sets, UK producers Blawan and Pariah return as the duo Karenn for their debut album, siphoning the energy of their live performances and juxtaposing peak time moments with subdued, twisted electronics. High-octane rhythms fluctuate throughout, spurred on by the dark, pulsating modular tweaks that open ‘Lemon Dribble’. Evolving, crushed bassline-turned-melodics are tweaked to infinity on ‘Crush The Mushrooms’, intertwined with a solid warehouse kick. ‘Cloy’ experiments with ever-so slightly slower tempos and a gradual build, creating soundscapes full of gritty atmospheres and machine-hum. Throughout the eight recordings, there’s a tangible energy, with impactful moments that are as menacing as they are mesmeric.