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Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller 2

Clone Classic Cuts
Forget the hype, myth-making and techno folklore; Drexciya made some of the most inspirational electronic music of their generation, and much of it is audible here. From the abrasive analogue riffs and distorted bass of 'High Tide' through the mock-horror riffs on 'Dead Man's Reef' to the brilliant, dystopian synths of 'Davey Jones' Locker', this is electro music at its best. 'Dweller 2' also shows Drexciya had incredible range, as evidenced on the squelchy acid funk of 'Danger Bay', the minimalist 'Bang Bang' and the unparalleled deep techno of 'Journey Home'. Stinson is dead 10 years this year, but 'Dweller' is life-affirming stuff.