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A Moment Of Insanity

Clone Aqualung
Recorded in 2001, during the same period as Transllusion’s two studio albums, ‘Moment Of Insanity’ was recently discovered on a DAT tape. Spread over four ‘Moment’ tracks, it provides an insight into the mind of the late James Stinson, one of electronic music’s most intriguing, enigmatic producers. ‘Moment 1’ is a sombre affair, with electronic soundscapes conjured up from below the surface, while in contrast, ‘Moment 2’ is a sparse dancefloor track that resonates to a plunging bass and interstellar tones. It’s only a brief dalliance with the DJ world however, and Stinson’s abstract thoughts are captured on ‘Moment 3’ and the lopsided drums of ‘Moment 4’.