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Seb Zito

Truth In My Steps

Though known for stripped-back tech-house, you can hear hints of jungle and UK garage threaded through FUSE London resident Seb Zito’s DJ sets and tracks. This debut album for Eats Everything’s Edible label delves deeper into these inspirations — so while there are bass pumping four-four cuts like ‘What’s This Seb’, ‘Mission FM’ is a love letter to pirate radio, spinning the dial through various stations before an irresistible speed garage beat mixes up airy synth stabs and acid blips with breaks, dub sirens and familiar samples. ‘Mans From London’ is straight up drum & bass, with an ambient interlude giving way to rolling drums and punchy sub, and ‘2am Lover’ with Black Coco is a crisp 2-step track with an infectious lyric and rude Reese bass. It’s when Zito steps outside the house framework that he’s at his best. BEN MURPHY