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Peter Van Hoesen

Uncovered 2008-2018 Vol. 1-3

Time To Express
Uncovered 2008-2018 Vol. 1-3
Belgian producer Peter Van Hoesen may be known for his spelunking psychedelic techno, but as his new three-part compilation ‘Uncovered 2008-2018’ proves, he’s a versatile artist with myriad moods at his disposal. Since the launch of his Time To Express label in 2008, he’s explored all kinds of musical terrain. ‘Vol. 1’ traverses ambient ground, with abstract crackles and sibilant tones providing plenty of brain food. ‘Ang Session 1014’ places murky bass synth amid a beatless backdrop, and seems about to erupt into a dance track at any minute. ‘Attribute39’ is especially good, with its off-world, spine-tingling melody and pad swirl. On ‘Vol. 2’ (all slower BPMs), ‘Casual Care Dub V’ resounds to a cavernous atmosphere and heads-down techno claps and hats; ‘Sky Ruptures’ is dreamy house with arps spinning off into infinity. Van Hoesen reserves his slam jams for ‘Vol. 3’, like the superbly moody electro of ‘Certosa’. Still, on ‘Place Of Emergence’, his knack for a mystical aura is intact amid the thumping kicks. Van Hoesen’s great skill is weaving psychotropic sensations through his rhythmic pieces, but it’s the variety of his work that is most impressive. ‘Uncovered’ is a compelling overview of an underrated artist.