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As he wrote about in an op-ed for our previous issue (now available to read online), Mr. Mitch recently changed his Gobstopper label to focus solely on supporting Black artists. Given the timeframe, we’re guessing Hagan’s EP might have been signed beforehand, but either way, the South Londoner opens this new era with one of the most superheated EPs we’ve heard all year. Hagan — whose discography includes work for Jamz Supernova’s Future Bounce and Lisbon-based Enchufada — offers up three cuts; the title track is all about laid-back groove — cosy kicks and clinking percussion (some of which comes from recordings Hagan made of traditional Ghanaian percussionists in Accra) laced with a wobbly funk that puts us in mind of Swindle or Silkie. From there, he immediately ups the ante; on ‘Ultra’, wildly swinging drums meet synth stabs that bubble and squelch like some mad scientist’s oozy concoction — this one guaranteed to do damage on the dancefloor, or in the current state of affairs, at least wake your neighbours. Finally, ‘On Sight’ brings back memories of bodies writhing in the dance. Sharp breaths and drawn-out moans fuel the sultry energy, while chaotic bleeps swirl off into the darkness, and a late arriving bass pulse urges one final dip before the party stops. Essential.