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Accidental Records
‘Whispers’ packs integrity and originality for a journey across the breadth of where alternative electronica is right now, barely settling on one stylistic horizon. Less jarring than that suggests, sonic transitions feel natural but not predictable, so the lo-fi, woody arpeggios of ‘Bird Season’ don’t sound out of place after ‘Daxamite’s crunched hip-hop; and the snoozy, smoky R&B of the titular feels at home following ‘Frost’s atmospheric vinyl crackles and metronomic hooks, the latter making for a jazz warm up of snare rolls and percussive accents, suggesting more rhythm than the track contains. Perhaps what’s most impressive, though, is the use of field recording aesthetics within otherworldly interludes that are more than mere tools to separate more coherent tunes. ‘Manatee’s space chords create a subtle euphoria you wish lasted a minute or five longer; ‘Bronze’ marries alien whirs to the sound of crickets and distant chimes, as if a summer evening had been captured in one take and something slightly disturbing was picked up in the process. These interjections help make the more traditional segments even more delicious, not least ‘Brisk’, which is the definition of 21st Century soul — compressed lackadaisical drums, hypnotic notes, sultry vocals. Exceptional.