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Nammy Wams

Yellow Secret Technology

Grime Tapes
Slackk’s archival pirate radio rips project, Grime Tapes, has now borne its own fruit and blossomed into a record label, with a 20-track collection of wayward beats from Nammy Wams serving as its first transmission. 'Yellow Secret Technology' is a collection of grime beats made from between 2013 and 2018, and veers from the drunk, attitude-laced staccato of ‘Languid’ and ‘Pinching’ to the dream-like underscoring of ‘Boop’ and ‘Miharu’. It’s a selection that seems wonderfully aware of counterpoint — the dark, more brutal moments are contrasted by thinner, more upbeat bits like ‘Prayer’. It's a heavily loaded, lovable debut.