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A ‘90s rave podcast, R.O.A.R. has launched: Listen

The podcast’s first episode features an in-depth interview with Fabio & Grooverider

A new podcast delving into the history of ‘90s UK rave culture has launched. 

R.O.A.R: The '90s Rave Podcast is hosted by journalist Tom Latchem and former DJ Chrissy Richards AKA Cris.E.Manic, and is “dedicated to telling the amazing history of the Decade of Rave through the eyes who made it so special.”

The podcast’s first episode is a two-parter, and features an in-depth interview with jungle pioneers Fabio & Grooverider, who discuss their experience of the scene in the ‘90s, and how they came up through it. The pair also discuss other topics including their personal experiences of racism, and what COVID-19 has meant for their careers. Part one of episode one is available to hear below. 

The show’s next guest will be UK rave figurehead Slipmat, who will be followed by breakbeat hardcore stalwart Luna-C. 

While the first four episodes of the podcast have already been recorded, its makers have launched a GoFundMe in order to purchase more professional kit and to ensure it can continue to grow in the way they hope it does. According to Latchem, they “have plans to interview all the major DJs, MCs and promoters from the era, as well as putting together ad-hoc journalistic specials on pirate radio, drugs, record shops, the process of making records, etc.”

Watch a trailer for the podcast and listen to part one of their interview with Fabio & Grooverider below.

In April, an online archive celebrating Blackburn’s acid house rave scene in the late '80s and early '90s launched. 

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