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12 people burned by “noxious substance” at London nightclub Mangle E8

12 people have been burned by a “noxious substance” while attending London nightclub Mangle E8 in the early hours of this morning (Monday 17th April).

The nightclub was evacuated and London Fire Brigade and London Ambulance services were called to the scene, when patrons came into contact with an acidic substance inside the venue.

600 people attended the LOVEJUICE event at the London nightclub that evening, though Sky News reports only 400 were inside when emergency services were called.

A Met Police statement said: "Police were called to a licensed premises in Sidworth Street, Dalston, at approximately 1.10hrs on 17 April, after members of the public complained of a noxious substance.

A London Fire Brigade spokeswoman added: "The only information that we have is that it was an unknown corrosive substance thrown within the nightclub.

"It was identified by a PH paper test as a strong acidic substance.”

Police said none of the injuries are life threatening and a full investigation is currently underway.