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70% of DJs had to retrain during the coronavirus pandemic, study reveals

The survey was conducted by Pirate Studios

70% of DJs had to retrain during the coronavirus pandemic, a study has revealed.

Pirate Studios — now rebranded simply as Pirate — is a network of affordable 24-hour studio spaces for DJs, producers, musicians, podcasters, dancers and vocalists. After being forced to close their doors during the pandemic, Pirate surveyed a number of studio space users to find out how they'd been impacted by coronavirus.

Speaking to 20,000 customers, Pirate found that 70% of DJs had retrained or learnt a new skill due to the pandemic, and 26% of DJs felt that they would be less likely to purse a full-time career in music.

The survey also found that 54% of Pirate users has recorded a loss in revenue due to Covid-19, and when asked whether they’d applied for any government or organisational support during the pandemic, 21% had, and only 13.5% had been succesful. With loss of earnings in mind, when asked whether they’d accept an indoors booking in the midst of a pandemic, 61% of DJs said they would.

There were positives too, though, with 67% of DJs turning their hand to music production during the pandemic, and a large number of DJs turning to platforms such as Twitch to live stream their sets.

You can read the full report here.

Pirate Studios has given thousands of young producers and musicians affordable access to recording and DJ studios, encouraging collaborations, community and creativity. As an uncertain road for the industry looms amid the pandemic, DJ Mag's Declan McGylnn discovered how Pirate is building a better future for creatives.

In January this year, Local Action and Finn launched a new mixtape series to help pay DJs during the pandemic, with six artists set to feature.