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96 Back announces new album, ‘Love Letters Nine Through Six’, on Local Action

The record is the first time the UK producer has used his own voice 

96 Back has announced a new album, 'Love Letters, Nine Through Six', which will arrive via Local Action on 5th November. 

The LP is the final part in the Sheffield-born, Manchester, UK-based producer's trilogy for the label, which began with the ten-track cassette '9696 Dream' earlier this year. 

The second instalment, 'Flex Time EP', landed in July, with vocals from North West England experimental artist Iceboy Violet, who also features on the new album, and Toronto rapper Cadence Weapon. 'Love Letters, Nine Through Six' is the first time 96 Back has used his own voice in a recording, with the LP marrying avant-garde pop and club sounds. The first single, '9 To Find 6', has already been unveiled. 

"This is a record I feel like I’ve been trying to write for years, it feels like the most accurate body of work to match the ideas in my mind," said 96 Back, real name Evan Majumdar-Swift. "Trying to project a lot of the records I hold very dear to me through this lens, interpreting how they sound to me and merging them with ideas of finding the drama and excitement in the full spectrum of emotions on the tip of my tongue, that’s what ended up being 'Love Letters, Nine Through Six'.”

The producer will be taking the album on the road for dates in autumn, including No Bounds Festival in Sheffield.