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Ableton announces Live 10.1: Watch

The latest update to Live 10 adds new devices and features and lets users import their own samples into Wavetable…

Ableton have announced a new update to Live. Version 10.1 includes new devices and updated features including the ability to import user samples into Live’s Waveform synth. There’s also a new device called Delay that combines the current Live devices Ping Pong and Simple Delay offering more stereo control and filtering of audio signals.

Another new device - Channel EQ - is similar to EQ Three and EQ Eight, with three bands, a waveform view and adjustable curves. There’s another major update in the form of new automation shapes. Right-clicking allows users to apply custom shapes to automation curves and you can now warp and skew automation like audio and MIDI. 

Ableton have also added two much-needed updates: you can now freeze audio that has a sidechain applied to it and users can now bounce audio with the send effects and master buss processing applied. Live 10.1 is currently in beta and will be available soon. If you're still not sold on Live, here's ten things we love about their latest major update, version 10